Manage Transportation Costs

DAT is the largest spot freight marketplace in trucking, and the spot market has been proven to track the overall market very closely. DAT RateView™ provides the most accurate freight rates available, compiled from $33 billion in actual contract and broker-buy transactions. Spot market freight rates are updated daily, and shippers’ contract rates are updated monthly.

With RateView, shippers can:

  • Forecast carrier rates for contract negotiations, drawing from supply and demand, and rate histories
  • Access contract and spot market rates, including fuel surcharges and accessorial fees
  • Benchmark contract rates against current and historical market rates
  • Command better prices by knowing what the market is paying

Improve Truckload Capacity Planning

RateView provides daily updates on spot market supply and demand. Supply chain professionals can get a broad view of available truckload capacity via Hot Market Maps, or drill down to get lane by lane load-to-truck ratios with 13-month history to help ensure they don’t run into a capacity shortfall.

Manage Your Carriers

With DAT CarrierWatch® you can monitor and qualify carriers.

  • Protect yourself against identity theft and chameleon carriers who go out of business due to safety, insurance, or other reasons, and return under a different name
  • Qualify and monitor carriers while reducing risk with up-to-date safety ratings, DOT authority and insurance information, including insurance certificates
  • Streamline due diligence and reduce overhead
  • Bring new carriers on board fast with a paperless online process

Develop Your Supply Chain Network

DAT gives you access to the largest network of freight carriers in the industry.

  • Build business partnerships to move excess freight in a timely manner, especially when volume or capacity change unexpectedly
  • Use the DAT Directory to identify the most qualified carriers from the tens of thousands who search DAT Load Boards for freight over 1.1 million times each business day, adding up to more than 295 million load searches (2017 est.)
  • Use DAT LaneMakers® to view and contact carriers who have experience on the lanes you want to run

Monitor Carriers

Validating and monitoring carriers is easy with CarrierWatch®

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