The DAT One Fuel Card: The Ultimate Fuel Card for Truckers

If you’re searching for the best fuel card for a small trucking company, an owner-operator, or a large fleet, look no further than the DAT One Fuel Card!

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As a carrier or owner-operator, you probably already know just how variable and expensive fuel is — but you can’t deliver loads without it! When prices at the pump surge, you could quickly find yourself under significant financial pressure, forcing you to adjust your budget or raise prices to stay afloat.

Fuel is a necessity that can drain your wallet and put your carrier business in a financially precarious position, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Commercial fuel cards can make all the difference, especially if you turn to the best fuel cards for trucking companies.

Why use commercial fuel cards for truckers?

One of the most compelling reasons to use trucking fuel cards is the opportunity for incredible discounts on fuel purchases. After all, fuel is a large and highly variable cost, meaning having something like a fuel card that’s capable of helping reduce expenses can make a significant difference for your business. Since most fuel card programs have established partnerships with gas stations, you’ll be able to save at the pump, have a healthier cash flow, and ultimately raise your bottom line. If you have a bigger fleet, you can significantly benefit from volume-based discounts, whether you’re receiving a certain number of cents off per gallon or a percentage off the total purchase price. Over time, these savings can accumulate, reducing your carrier company’s operational costs.

The best fleet fuel cards for small businesses and large fleets also offer visibility into fuel expenses, allowing you to manage them efficiently. While a driver can use a credit card anywhere and even max it out on the road, fuel cards work a little differently. You can set spending limits and restrictions for each card, helping prevent unauthorized or unnecessary spending. This can also help ensure that drivers adhere to company policies and budgets while also promoting more responsible fuel consumption.

Commercial fuel cards also often offer detailed reporting, providing a bird’s eye view of fuel expenses. You can even view breakdowns of how your discount diesel fuel cards are used, gaining better insights into fuel consumption across your business, detecting irregularities, preventing fraud, and identifying purchasing trends.

In general, fuel cards for trucking companies offer incredible convenience and efficiency for you and your drivers. Not only will your drivers not need to keep track of paper receipts or wait for reimbursements, but you (or your administrative team) won’t have to worry about collecting receipts, processing fuel payments, and reimbursement money. Instead, any purchases made with the fuel card will be automatically tracked and reported, saving everyone time and energy.

Choosing the right fuel card

When it comes to commercial fuel cards, you have plenty of options. However, not all cards are created equal. Some fuel cards are designed with specific audiences in mind. For example, you can find fuel cards for fleets, fuel cards for small fleets, and fuel cards for owner-operators.

Whether you’re a one-person team or in charge of a large, nationwide fleet, when choosing a fuel card, you’ll want to pay attention to:

  • Hidden fees: The last thing you want is to be hit with a hidden fee. After all, you got a fuel card to save money, not shell out more! While some of the best fuel cards for truckers have transparent fee structures and no hidden costs, the same can’t be said for all discount diesel fuel cards on the market. Some may surprise you with expensive, unexpected charges, such as transaction fees, annual fees, and out-of-network charges, so read the terms and conditions to avoid any surprises in your billing statements.
  • Network size: Unfortunately, not all diesel fuel cards are universally accepted at fueling stations across the country. Some cards have extensive networks, making them convenient for long-haul truckers or carriers operating in a variety of regions. However, other discount diesel fuel cards for fleets or owner-operators may have more limited acceptance, which could restrict your choices when it comes to fueling up on the go. Choose a provider with a network that aligns with your routes and preferred fueling locations to ensure you get the most out of your fuel card.
  • Reporting and analytics: Reporting and analytics are another area where diesel fuel card programs may differ. Some provide robust reporting tools that will give you valuable insights into your fuel consumption and expenses. If you have these details at your disposal, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your fuel efficiency and increase your business’s bottom line. On the other hand, some cards may only provide basic transaction summaries, leaving you to piece together the data on your own. Overall, the quality and depth of reporting and analytics provided by fuel card programs can vary significantly, so do your research if detailed reporting is essential for your business.
  • Discounts and partnerships: Some fuel cards are only compatible with specific fueling chains or offer preferred pricing and steeper discounts at certain locations. Consider where your trucks will go and which gas stations are available in those regions or along your routes. Additionally, some fleet fuel cards with discounts provide price reductions on maintenance services, tire purchases, and other trucking-related expenses at certain companies.

Your fuel card choice can significantly impact your bottom line, so you’ll want to carefully review and compare the terms, fees, acceptance network, and additional benefits of any fuel card before making a decision. However, what it really comes down to is the fuel card provider.

Why the DAT One Fuel Card is the best fuel card 

You can have the best fuel card on paper, but an inefficient or untrustworthy provider could prevent you from getting the most out of your fuel card and become more of a hassle than it’s worth. By thoroughly vetting any potential fuel card providers, you can find a fuel card that aligns with your specific needs — and the DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions, is one of the best fuel cards in the industry.

Founded in 2011 under the name OTR Capital, OTR Solutions has been finding, providing, and improving innovative solutions for over a decade. Whether you’re an owner-operator, own a small business, or run a large fleet, OTR Solutions has kept your needs in mind every step of the way, offering trustworthy and reliable factoring services, advance funding options, and fuel cards.

Power your journey with the DAT One Fuel Card

OTR Solutions has been providing quality trucking fuel cards for years. We’ve partnered with them to offer carriers and owner-operators the DAT One Fuel Card.

This fuel card for owner-operators and fleets is accepted at 8,000 locations across the country, with TA Petro, Speedway, and AMBEST serving as flagship discount locations. With $0 in-network transaction fees and a large proprietary network of fuel discounts, you’ll be able to save money — no matter where you go. DAT One Fuel Card holders save an average of $500 each month per truck. Plus, DAT One Fuel Card users save $0.51 per gallon, but savings can be as high as $1.70 per gallon.

The DAT One Fuel Card goes beyond just steep fuel discounts. You’ll also receive weekly Fuel Insider emails packed with details on the latest discounts across different regions, and you’ll be free of those $1.50+ transaction fees. Plus, you’ll know exactly where to find fuel discounts along every route, thanks to the OTR Fuel Finder feature in the OTR Solutions App.

Additionally, managing your fleet fuel cards with discounts will be simple. You can load funds 24/7 using money from debit and credit cards, direct deposit, and even factored invoices or fuel advances, and you can use your fuel card for non-fuel and cash purposes anywhere Mastercard is accepted. You’ll also receive detailed reports in the OTR Solutions mobile app, meaning you can see when and where every purchase was made. This will allow you to more easily detect irregular spending and track your fuel expenditure, making budgeting and preventing fraud easier than ever.

Save money and revolutionize your fuel management

The right fuel card provider can make all the difference — and you deserve the best. The DAT One Fuel Card stands out as the best fuel card provider for truckers. With a fuel card from DAT, you can take control of your fuel expenses and save money at the pump.

Accepted at a vast network of 8,000 locations fueling across the country, the DAT One Fuel Card can ensure that you and your drivers always have access to a convenient and discounted refueling point. Plus, the Fuel Finder feature within the OTR mobile app can make finding cheap fuel faster, no matter where the road takes you and your drivers.

Apply for the DAT One Fuel Card today to start realizing your savings!

Take charge of your fuel costs

Don’t miss out on the chance to take control of your fuel expenses, benefit from incredible discounts, and access a vast network of fueling locations. To transform the way you manage your fuel costs, apply for the DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions, today!






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Reach out by calling 800.551.8847

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