DAT Keypoint®: Software that helps grow your business, maximize productivity and improve profitability

This scalable system meets your needs, whether you're a freight broker or 3PL, a two-man operation or a billion-dollar company. Now DAT Keypoint® comes in two delivery models—Keypoint Logistics and Keypoint Anywhere—so you can choose the one that best fits your brokerage.

Move more freight with fewer people
Save time using the Control Center to manage every aspect of Operations. Enter loads in seconds, find trucks in your system or on leading load boards, access lane history and pricing to negotiate profitable deals and send rate confirmations directly from DAT Keypoint.

Manage your finances for maximum profit
Integrated Operations and Accounting mean you enter data only once, minimizing time and errors. The full-featured Accounting platform includes a robust A/R tool, rapid carrier settlement and a general ledger to track your entire business. And with multiple reporting features, you'll always have a real-time view of your finances.

Manage documents as easily as you move loads
The Document Management Suite speeds up paperwork by letting you store, index and retrieve documents instantly. Automated rendition billing and inbound fax processing save you even more time.

Additional Modules
Streamline the tasks critical to your brokerage
More than a dozen optional modules gives you the functionality to quickly post to leading load boards, onboard carriers, manage customer relationships and speed up key brokerage tasks.

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5x Annual Growth with Good Deeds & Technology
Broker TMS Benefits:

Handle operations and accounting with a single-entry system

Control accounting with one full-featured platform

Store, index and retrieve documents instantly

Automate billing and fax processing

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