DAT Keypoint®: TMS software helps grow your business, maximize productivity and improve profitability

Designed specifically for freight brokers and 3PLs, DAT Keypoint® transportation management software allows you to move more freight with fewer people. That means you can grow your business without having to grow your back-office staff.

On-site or monthly subscription web versions
The DAT Broker TMS comes in two delivery models. It can be hosted on your in-house server or accessed via the web for a low monthly subscription fee.

Operations and accounting in one system
With DAT Keypoint TMS software, operations and accounting are handled in a single system, eliminating redundant entries—and the possibility for error. All data is entered only once: loads, carrier payments, rate adjustments, etc. The full-featured accounting platform includes a robust accounts receivable tool, rapid carrier settlement and a general ledger to track your entire business.

Powerful analytic functions
DAT’s freight broker software lets you analyze and review the profitability and performance of customers, carriers and lanes, and more. Evaluate employee performance and run detailed commission reports. Customizable reports allow you to see where your business excels and where it needs improvement. 

Modules that grow with your business

  • DAT Keypoint’s document management suite lets you store, index and retrieve documents instantly.
  • Automated rendition billing and inbound fax processing save even more time.
  • More than a dozen optional modules gives you the ability to quickly post to leading load boards, view current rates, onboard carriers, manage customer relationships and more—all integrated into the TMS software.

For more information, download a product sheet: 

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NEW! DAT Launches Streamlined TMS for Entry Level Freight Brokers >

Just Starting Out?

DAT recently launched a TMS option for small and new freight brokers

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to use
  • Can be scaled up as the brokerage grows
  • Priced for entry-level brokers
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"It’s the best off-the-shelf commercial broker software for running a business like ours."

—Eric Dunigan, president of Arrive Logistics

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