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Chad Boblett

Chad Boblett is the owner and driver of Boblett Brothers Trucking of Lexington, KY. Chad also founded the Rate Per Mile Masters group on Facebook, a communications hub for more than 18,000 members, including owner-operators, truck drivers, and other transportation and logistics pros.

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Secrets to trucking success: Find a need and fill it

Author Earl Nightingale once said that to get rich, you just have to find a need and fill it. In the eight years I’ve been an independent owner-operator, that's how I've tried to run my business. My company has never been awarded contract freight, so all of my loads have come from hundreds of freight brokers. Pinpointing a specific need and filling it is key to running the spot market .  Other than being able to drive a truck,… Read More

Time-saving tricks for staying fresh and clean on the road

When I’m out on the road, I try to make hygiene and appearance a top priority. Living on the road is rough, but I like feeling comfortable with myself. I also want to appear professional, because I take my business seriously. Staying squared away requires time management, though, so a lot of the tricks I use focus on saving time. Unless you need a full 10 hours of sleep when doing your HOS reset, then this is the best… Read More

4 lessons the Marines taught me about owning a business

After 10 years in the Marine Corps and 3 years as a professional driver, I decided to start my own trucking business in 2010. Over the years, I've been running my business based on four important lessons that I learned as a Marine. Build your business with access to the largest digital freight marketplace. DAT load boards connect carriers and freight brokers, with millions… Read More

5 steps to get 'pre-booked' for loads

When demand for trucks slows down, like it does every year during this time, the trend among many owner-operators is to pre-book loads to stay employed until the really good stuff comes out in later in the year. If it's a broker's market, then I try to spend less time getting a really great one-time rate and more time finding value in multiple loads. This is also when you're playing the long game. During the busy seasons, the critical… Read More

When should you replace your truck?

When is the best time to replace your truck? There is no one correct answer to this question. Independent truckers will have the most flexibility on timing, especially if they're not under contract and they only take loads from the load board. A broker once told me that a breakdown on newer equipment is nobody's fault, but when a carrier has older equipment and it breaks down, that's everyone's… Read More

What Does it Cost to Run Your Trucking Company?

Chad Boblett is the owner and driver of Boblett Brothers Trucking of Lexington, KY. Chad also founded the Rate Per Mile Masters group on Facebook, a communications hub for more than 20,000 members, including owner-operators, truck drivers, and… Read More

Cutting Motor Carrier Costs, One Line Item at a Time

My advice to anyone getting their motor carrier authority would be to create a relationship with a CPA. I have been using the same CPA to do my taxes since the first year of getting my authority. My first-year profit and loss numbers were a clear sign that a major mechanical failure could have taken me out of business, and I am sure my CPA thought the same thing. Three years later, after making many improvements and becoming more… Read More

Post Your Truck to Find Better-Paying Loads

It might seem counterintuitive, but I always make sure to post my truck on the load board when there are plenty of loads to choose from. Thats the best time to get calls from brokers who are willing to pay higher than average rates for loads going where you want to go. Read More

Detention Policies Need to Change in 2018

I am so hoping that 2018 will be the year when detention policies and practices change. Read More

Flexibility of Paper Logs Doesn't Transfer to ELDs

There is no such thing as a regulation that talks about logbook flexibility but every driver that has ever used paper logs understands the flexibility that comes with paper logs. Years ago before ELD was ever invented the mega carriers main focus on log book rules was that the logbook was filled out correctly. Most drivers got paid per mile like it is today. To make more money you must drive more miles. This practice encouraged… Read More

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