Trucking Regulations

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10 things you need to know about Roadcheck 2019

The largest truck inspection blitz of the year is coming. For three days in June, enforcement officials will be conducting International Roadcheck at more than 1,500 roadside locations throughout North America. Here are 10 things you need to know: Need help finding a truck or a load during Roadcheck? DAT load boards provide the largest and most trusted digital freight marketplace… Read More

Drug-Alcohol Clearinghouse: Employer asset or capacity killer?

In January, a new FMCSA regulation will take effect that may help fleets avoid hiring drivers who could be a liability to the company. It could also further reduce the already-tight pool of eligible drivers and take a bite out of capacity. FMCSA went live in March with its Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse website, a new online database that will… Read More

5 regulations to watch in 2019

The ELD mandate transformed the trucking industry last year. The dust has finally started to settle, but more changes could be on the horizon. While there likely won't be any new regulations that are as transformative as the ELD mandate, transportation professionals should keep an eye on these five regulations that could have big impacts on trucking in 2019. 1. Electronic On-Board Recording Devices The… Read More

End of owner-operators in California?

A decision by the California supreme court could have a chilling effect on the owner-operator model in that state, and if appeals fail to reverse the decision, other states could go down the same path. So says Joe Rajkovacz, director of governmental affairs and communications for the Western States Trucking Association (WSTA). In the spring of 2018, the… Read More

6 ways truckers can lower their 2018 tax bill

The year is coming to an end, so the clock is ticking on a few things you can do to take advantage of the new tax laws and pay less in 2018.There are several ways carriers and owner-operators can lower the amount they owe to Uncle Sam, but below are the six things you can get started today.Visit ATBS for an… Read More

Many carriers threatened to quit after ELDs. Did they?

Four months before the ELD mandate took effect on Dec. 18, 2017, DAT surveyed TruckersEdge users to learn how they planned to deal with the new regulation. Most of the respondents were owner-operators and small carriers, and 30% of them said that they would leave the industry rather than use an ELD. That didn't happen. While some may… Read More

Personal conveyance rules confound carriers

Carriers and drivers are being still tripped up by their lack of understanding of the FMCSA's personal conveyance guidance. So says John Seidl, a former state patrol inspector and FMCSA investigator who now serves as VP of Risk Services for Reliance Partners. Seidl encourages all carriers to read… Read More

Regulatory changes brokers can't ignore

In a year where capacity has been historically tight, building out carrier networks has been particularly difficult for freight brokers.Making sure you have access to the capacity needed to serve your shipper customers also means your brokerage needs to be able to adapt to changing regulatory climates. At this year's DAT User Conference, Chris… Read More

Regulatory changes brokers need to know

One of the sessions at last week's DAT User Conference featured an update on regulations that affect freight brokers. The speaker was Chris Burroughs, Senior Director of Government Affairs at the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA), a trade association for freight brokers and 3PLs. Register early for the 2019 DAT User Conference in Austin, TX and save $__. Here are a few of regulations that Burroughs highlighted: National Carrier… Read More

Senate considering National Carrier Hiring Standard

Legislation intended to protect freight brokers when hiring carriers is making its way through Washington.The so-called "National Carrier Hiring Standard" has been included as an amendment within the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization funding bill and approved by the House of Representatives. The Senate is now considering its own amendments to the FAA reauthorization, which expires September… Read More