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DAT Launches TMS for New Freight Brokers

ENTRY LEVEL TMS For more information about DAT Keypoint Ops, send us an email or call us at 800-728-7305. DAT just launched a transportation management software (TMS) system that's designed specifically for entry-level freight brokers. If you're looking for a TMS that's affordable and easy to learn,… Read More

DAT User Conference Turns New Hires Into Revenue Generators

When you hire a new broker, how long does it take to get him or her up to speed — to become a productive,… Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Our Free Trucker App

If you use the DAT Trucker™ mobile app for Android, you probably noticed some big changes recently. We redesigned the app to work the same way that most other mapping apps do. More importantly, now DAT Trucker lets drivers find what they need faster and easier. Based on your location, you can find truck stops, rest areas, fuel prices, Walmarts, nearby loads, truck-friendly hotels and… Read More

Reach Truckers on the Road

The DAT Extended Network is a great way to reach drivers where they are—on the road. Using DAT's trip planning app for drivers, DAT Trucker, drivers can see loads within a certain radius of their current location. FIND MORE TRUCKS Adding your loads to the DAT Extended Network gives them unprecedented visibility. Drivers see your loads on their smart phones… Read More

Loads No One Else Can See

Do I already have LaneMakers?If your subscription to DAT Power includes LaneMakers, you’ll find it in the toolbox in the upper right hand corner of your load board. If you don’t have LaneMakers, and would like to get it,… Read More

Find the Best Carrier in Every Lane

What can you do when capacity is tight on a specific lane—or you're competing with other brokers to secure a truck for a shipper's "can get" load? A great way to be proactive and research who is working in the lanes you need is to use the DAT LaneMakers® tool in the DAT Power load board. Shows the top 20 companies for truck or load… Read More

DAT Keypoint Interfaces with QuickBooks to Support Small Brokers

TMS FOR FREIGHT BROKERS Learn more about DAT Keypoint, a transportation management software designed specifically for freight brokers and 3PLs. In response to the needs of small businesses, DAT Keypoint® now works with Intuit’s… Read More

What Can You Expect on Contract Rates in 2016?

This is the time of year when companies try to predict the future by looking to the past. Did 2015 offer any clues for 2016? The short answer is "yes," but you may need to do a little research.Shippers are working on their 2016 transportation budgets, and that process typically includes an evaluation of core carriers. If you want to position your company at the top of your favorite shipper's routing guide, it helps to know how you… Read More

How to Find Loads Faster Than the Competition

What's the biggest difference between this year's holiday freight season and last year's? For one, there are a lot more trucks available on the spot market, so there's a lot more competition. If you’re a carrier, that means you need to be able to react faster than ever. The new web-based version of the DAT Power™ load board is the fastest you’ll find… Read More

Web-Based DAT Power Load Board Outperforms Downloadable Software

What customers are saying DAT customers are embracing the new web-based version of DAT Power. See why they've made the switch from the downloadable version by reading our blog post What Customers Are Saying About Web-Based DAT Power. Since it was… Read More