DAT Product News

What Can You Expect on Contract Rates in 2016?

This is the time of year when companies try to predict the future by looking to the past. Did 2015 offer any clues for 2016? Read More

How to Find Loads Faster Than the Competition

What's the biggest difference between this year's holiday freight season and last year's? Read More

Web-Based DAT Power Load Board Outperforms Downloadable Software

<p>Since it was launched in February… Read More

What Customers are Saying About Web-Based DAT Power

<p>For years, the DAT Power load board has been a software program that users downloaded to their computers. Read More

4 Ways to Compete With the Big Fleets

It doesn't matter if you have four trucks or 400… Read More

An Easy Way to Boost Your Company’s Reputation

One easy way to enhance your company's reputation is to ask business partners to review you. Read More

Are You Paying Too Much for Your Broker Surety Bond?

Are you paying too much for your broker surety bond? Read More

New Analytics Service Shows Hidden Capacity

DAT Solutions has launched a new online analytics service that helps brokers and 3PLs find hidden capacity… Read More

Write a Review, Get a Free Starbucks Card

Last year DAT Solutions launched a new feature called Company Reviews. Read More

Know the Rates and Beat the Competition

When calling on a load or bidding on RFPs, you need to have reliable pricing information for those lanes. Read More

He Who Knows the Rates Wins

<p>When a shipper calls and wants to know if you can arrange to move a load… Read More

How to Make Your Dispatch Team More Efficient

Ever called on a load and found out that your fellow dispatcher already called about it? Read More