DAT Product News

DAT Launches TMS for New Freight Brokers

DAT just launched a transportation management system that's designed specifically for entry-level freight brokers. Read More

DAT User Conference Turns New Hires Into Revenue Generators

When you hire a new broker, how long does it take to get him or her up to speed — to become a productive… Read More

How to Get the Most Out of Our Free Trucker App

If you use the DAT Trucker mobile app for Android, you probably noticed some big changes recently. Read More

Reach Truckers on the Road

If you need a little extra help finding a truck to cover a load… Read More

Loads No One Else Can See

Growing your business means finding new customers, but finding ways to reach those customers can be time consuming. Read More

Find the Best Carrier in Every Lane

What can you do when capacity is tight on a specific lane—or you're competing with other brokers to secure a truck for… Read More

DAT Keypoint Interfaces with QuickBooks to Support Small Brokers

<p>In response to the needs of small businesses… Read More

What Can You Expect on Contract Rates in 2016?

This is the time of year when companies try to predict the future by looking to the past. Did 2015 offer any clues for 2016? Read More

How to Find Loads Faster Than the Competition

What's the biggest difference between this year's holiday freight season and last year's? Read More

Web-Based DAT Power Load Board Outperforms Downloadable Software

<p>Since it was launched in February… Read More

What Customers are Saying About Web-Based DAT Power

<p>For years, the DAT Power load board has been a software program that users downloaded to their computers. Read More

4 Ways to Compete With the Big Fleets

It doesn't matter if you have four trucks or 400… Read More