Easily find factorable loads with blue checkmark integration

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Let’s face it, there are only so many loads to go around. A lot stands between you and booking your next load, but the most important one by far, is time. In partnership with OTR Solutions, DAT Load Board offers integrated credit checks right on the main load board. Simply look for the Blue Checkmark to see which loads are factoring approved. 

The Blue Checkmark is visible and free for all DAT Load Board customers, marking the brokers who posted each load are vetted and credit-worthy. For those who also factor with OTR Solutions, it means that they can call to book that load without hesitation because they know that the load is pre-approved to factor with OTR Solutions. 

If you find yourself referencing multiple sites or apps to confirm whether you will be able to factor a load, by the time you call to book, it may be too late.  

With the Blue Checkmark, DAT network customers gain instant access to OTR’s extensive broker checks and factoring solutions so you can:

  • Seamlessly identify which loads can be factored and approved for advance funding through OTR
  • Determine if a customer is credit-worthy, even if you are not currently an OTR factoring client

The blue checkmark can help you combat fraud

Fraud is rampant in today’s market. To combat this, OTR Solutions team of credit analysts are constantly evaluating broker credit scores and payment histories to ensure you are better protected from fraud and potential losses. 

By not only taking in public credit data from multiple industry sources like Ansonia but also taking into consideration daily inputs from invoices factored by their clients, OTR Solutions is able to offer a high rate of approvals. With this extra layer of security on top of DAT’s filters, you can feel protected from losses due to fraud.

Blue Checkmarks are updated daily so rest assured that the information you are looking at is always accurate and up to date with OTR’s latest approvals.

Where to find the blue checkmarks

You can simply sort your load results by approved customers so that you know that every load you are looking at on the load board is approved by OTR.

Find the Blue Checkmark in Load Details

When you click into a load’s details you are able to see whether it can be factored by scrolling down until you reach the Load Resources section. This is where you will find the Blue Checkmark next to FACTOR WITH OTR.

OTR Solutions: The most trustworthy factoring company

OTR Solutions is a full-service freight factoring and trucking technology company that leverages customizable offerings to provide reliable cashflow, back-office, and operating solutions to U.S. based carriers and freight brokers of all sizes. As one of the highest rated factoring providers in the industry, OTR strives to provide every carrier with the respect and level of service they deserve. Learn more about factoring here.

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