Factoring for Freight Brokers

Factoring for Freight Brokers

  • Ensure carrier and shipper relationships run smoothly.
  • Strengthen the reputation of your freight brokerage company.
  • Access OTR Capital’s dedicated back-office support.
  • Sustain a top-tier credit rating.

OTR Capital

DAT's factoring partner
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Get paid in just 24 hours with OTR Capital.

OTR Capital ensures you get paid right away while taking care of billing and collecting.

  • When you sell your invoice to a freight broker factoring company, there’s no need to wait 30, 60, or 90 days to get paid.
  • OTR Capital purchases your invoice at a small flat discount and pays your margin in just one day.
  • Factoring for freight brokers provides immediate cash flow, which is easy and quick to secure.
  • OTR Capital takes care of paying carriers and collecting from your customers.
Grow your business without worrying about how you’ll pay carriers.

OTR Capital helps you meet all your obligations and even expand your freight brokerage company.

  • Freight factoring for brokers eliminates the stress of paying carriers when customers can take up to 90 days to pay.
  • OTR Capital helps strengthen carrier relationships with factoring that gets them paid quickly and reliably.
  • Carriers have multiple payment options including Net 21 ACH payment, 48 hour ACH quickpay, and even fuel advances.
  • Freight broker factoring means you’ll have more disposable income to cover all your expenses.
Build your freight brokerage reputation and protect your credit ratings.

OTR Capital works seamlessly with carriers and customers to maintain your key relationships.

  • OTR Capital provides solutions for brokers’ cash flow, carrier management, and customer relationship needs.
  • Freight factoring ensures carriers get paid on time to protect your brokerage’s reputation.
  • OTR Capital reports regularly to all major credit agencies, so your credit rating is never in doubt.
  • Freight broker factoring offers you the freedom to work on building relationships and growing your business.
Try OTR Capital, the most trusted freight factoring company, today!

OTR Capital offers quick and reliable factoring for freight brokerage companies. With customizable services and dedicated back-office support, OTR Capital is the partner of choice for the most selective freight brokers.

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