DAT OnBoard

Bring on Carriers in Minutes, Not Hours

No Paperwork, Less Time

  • No fax required
  • Carriers fill out profile online
  • Sign contracts electronically
  • DAT hosts your onboard page

DAT OnBoard

From $ 50 /month
Easy for You—And Your Carriers
  • DAT hosts the broker’s personalized onboarding web page
  • Carriers fill out their profiles online
  • 50,000+ carriers already have profiles
  • Sign contracts and agreements electronically
Fast and Accurate Carrier Onboarding
  • Carriers can onboard from the road—on any device
  • No more reading handwritten, faxed documents
  • No need to re-type info into your TMS
  • Add customized messages to your carriers
See DAT OnBoard in Action

Contact us to schedule a demo that will show you how DAT OnBoard can increase the speed and efficiency of bringing on new carriers.

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TMS Software for Freight Brokers

Don’t settle for transportation management software that was created for carriers and then adapted for freight brokers. Get the TMS that was designed exclusively for brokers.

Research Lane Rates

Get the trucking industry’s most accurate freight rates research tools with DAT RateView. See the average spot market and contract rates on more than 68,000 lanes.