Cargo Insurance

Get affordable, per-load cargo insurance in 60 seconds through DAT’s insurance partner, Loadsure.

Cargo Insurance

Get affordable, per-load cargo insurance in 60 seconds through DAT’s insurance partner, Loadsure.

Simplify cargo insurance with Loadsure

Take advantage of DAT’s partnership with Loadsure to get access to higher-value freight.

Save money with per-load insurance

With per-load insurance, you pay a rate that reflects your current freight value, cutting your insurance costs by as much as 80%.

Access higher-value freight

Use per-load insurance to pay for more expensive coverage only when you want to haul higher-value freight.

Rest easy with expansive coverage

From inside threats to Acts of God and more, Loadsure’s per-load insurance has you covered and can be accessed in seconds while you’re on the road.

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Cargo Insurance

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Cargo insurance is one of the best investments you can make for the long-term success of your business. Quality cargo insurance helps you win loads — as shippers are more likely to work with a partner who insures their cargo — and strengthens your reputation as someone who gets the job done right.
With Loadsure — DAT’s preferred insurance partner — you can get insurance in under 60 seconds.
Per-load insurance gives carriers and brokers access to a greater variety of loads — including higher value freight that requires a higher level of insurance — while saving money because they only pay for the insurance they need for each load.
Loadsure saves you time and money. With Loadsure, you get per-load pricing and smart, all-risk coverage in under 60 seconds. Paying only for the coverage you need is more cost effective than annual insurance.

DAT members can easily access Loadsure insurance right from the DAT load board.
Using Loadsure is completely free for DAT members! All you have to pay for is the actual insurance coverage for each of your loads — which is often far lower than what you’d pay for annual coverage.

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