Priority Booking: Exclusive Early Access

Build Partnerships, Negotiate Rates and Book Loads — All in One Place

  • Be the first to try our new end-to-end booking tools
  • Get a sneak peek on our newest features
  • Your feedback during early access will help us fine-tune the tools you want to use

DAT Priority Booking

Why Try Priority Booking?

Private Loads allows freight brokers to give their most reliable and trusted carriers preferred pricing.

You’ll get exclusive access to the most competitive rates and loads. You can then book, decline or negotiate rates all within DAT One

Book Loads Faster — Without Picking up the Phone
  • Find relevant loads faster 
  • Get preferred pricing 
  • Easily see and negotiate rates

Getting Started in 3 Easy Steps

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2. Find a load with Private Network
3. Accept and book the load or submit a new bid

Need help? Read the FAQ or call 800.547.5417

Disclaimer: By utilizing the Priority Booking service, Customer agrees (1) not to reproduce, publish, resell or distribute any service information in any format to any third parties, (2) not to share any service information with DAT competitors or for the purpose of competing with DAT, and (3) the service is an Early Release and is provided AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY. Customer may receive data, features, or services through this Early Release that DAT never makes available commercially.