Qualify and monitor carriers with ease. Avoid dispatching out-of-service or unsafe carriers. Get peace of mind with CarrierWatch
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Qualify carriers quickly and efficiently

Leverage timely data to ensure every carrier you dispatch is road-ready.

Search for carriers

DAT gives you access to a searchable database of more than 500,000 transportation companies.

Check carrier information

See a carrier’s MC authority, safety ratings, insurance status, and more. You can even save or print the carrier’s actual insurance certificate.

Customize your search

CarrierWatch is customizable so you can ensure all your rules for qualifying carriers are included.

Monitor your carriers automatically

Keep track of your carriers’ statuses throughout your relationship.

Stay on top of changes

CarrierWatch checks for changes in your carriers’ status daily so nothing sneaks under the radar.

Get automated alerts

Receive automatic email alerts when there are changes to a carrier’s authority, DOT profile, safety rating, inspections, crash data, insurance renewals and cancellations.

See everything in one place

CarrierWatch integrates with your TMS so you can monitor carriers with ease.

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A few things you
might be asking yourself

With DAT, you can access a searchable database of nearly 500,000 transportation companies. The database contains key details about each carrier, including authority, DOT profile, safety rating, inspections, crash data, insurance renewals and cancellations. You can also adjust the search criteria to match your exact qualifications.
An unsafe carrier or one that disappears overnight can cause serious risks for your business. With DAT, you can quickly identify carriers with a history of unethical behavior.
Yes! DAT CarrierWatch’s database provides detailed information on hundreds of thousands of carriers so you can easily verify the reputation of every carrier you work with. From DOT authority to insurance renewals and safety rating information, DAT delivers all of the information you need to have confidence in your carriers.
You never want to put an unsafe or out-of-service carrier on the road. With small carriers going in and out of business every day, it can be hard to stay on top of which ones are in good standing. By qualifying carriers upfront and then continuing to monitor them, you reduce risk and ensure you’re only partnering with great carriers.
DAT CarrierWatch monitors your carriers for you. It also comes with automated alerts that inform you whenever a carrier’s information changes so you always have up-to-date information at your fingertips.

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