Short-Term Warehousing

Save time and get more out of your trucks with cross docking, short-term storage and last-mile delivery solutions from OLIMP, our preferred partner for short-term warehousing

Access user-friendly warehouse search and booking

Stay flexible

When it comes to navigating volatility and disruptions in transportation, flexibility is key. Short-term warehousing solutions keep your business running smoothly at all times — even when things change at the last minute.

Save money and gain access fast

Carriers and asset-based freight brokers get streamlined access to a wide network of short-term warehousing, cross docking and last-mile delivery services at a discounted price.

Connect with a nationwide network of warehouses

Find solutions anywhere

With a network of over 2,000 curated warehouses across North America, OLIMP provides a huge range of digital solutions for LTL, FTL and FCL carriers.

Access specialized storage

Search OLIMP’s comprehensive database for facilities like military authorized warehouses, bonded storages, freeze warehousing points and more.

OLIMP Short-Term Warehousing

Searchable database with over 2,000 warehouses
Specialized storage
Online booking and payment
Plans & Pricing

Short-Term Warehousing

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A few things you
might be asking yourself

Cross docking is a supply chain process where products are quickly distributed to the customer with little to no storage time. Cargo is received through an inbound dock and then transferred across the warehouse to the outbound transportation dock, hence the name “cross docking.” From there, products are promptly loaded and delivered to the customer.
Booking a warehouse with OLIMP is simple. Search for a space that meets your specific needs, then compare prices, reviews, and ratings to find the best deal. Once you pick the right warehouse for you, you can easily book your services and pay online.
OLIMP is a simpler and often cheaper option than traditional warehousing, making it a great choice for carriers and brokers of all sizes. Unlike traditional warehousing services, OLIMP consolidates all of the resources you need into a single place.
OLIMP offers a variety of top solutions for LTL, FTL, and FCL carriers. Its network of warehouses provide cross docking, short-term storage, pallet restacking, and local delivery services. Using OLIMP’s comprehensive database, carriers can easily search, book and pay for short-term storage at a nearby warehouse before dropping off their freight and then moving on to the next load.
As DAT’s preferred partner for short-term warehousing, OLIMP’s platform is a simple and convenient choice for DAT subscribers. If you’re looking for cross docking or other on-demand logistics services, OLIMP can help you get what you need in just a few clicks. Plus, DAT’s partnership with OLIMP means that DAT customers are eligible for 10% off their first order and 5% off all subsequent orders.

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We have even more solutions to help with tracking, bidding and budgeting. Find exactly what you need.

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