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Get the most trusted truckload pricing tools in the industry, with predictive analytics that help take the uncertainty out of freight. With more than $110 billion worth of annual pricing data, DAT iQ arms you with the most historically complete freight rate database, so you can anticipate seasonal trends and make quick pricing decisions.


DAT RateView

The industry standard in truckload pricing
  • Add on your own fuel to apply to the forecast with Ratecast Enhanced
  • Get transparency in every freight market and every lane
  • The most up-to-date data on spot market and contract rates
  • Multilane reports for RFP bids

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DAT RateView
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  • Compare spot and contract rates for past 3 days
  • Accurate market forecasts with Ratecast
  • Multi-lane reports for RFPs
  • View a 13 month forecast summarized for spot and contract

Data Analytics Services

Custom insights for business-critical decisions

The DAT iQ databases provide in-depth historical and predictive insights on every market and every trucking lane in America. With data collected from the DAT One freight platform, plus the industry-leading freight rates insights and data science team, our custom Data Analytics Services can tailor any report to help guide your decision-making, from supply and demand insights to the advanced forecasting models found in Ratecast.

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Data Analytics Services
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  • Analyze trends that drive spot and contract pricing
  • View demand vs. capacity for every freight market
  • Receive data reports or access to graphical displays
  • Pinpoint emerging hot markets and find seasonal trends

DAT Trendlines

Free weekly report on national trends
  • Updates on national average rates for vans, reefers and flatbeds
  • Recaps of the supply and demand trends from the previous weeks
  • Regularly cited by Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Financial Times and more
Where’s the Data Come From?

DAT provides the world’s largest on-demand freight exchange, connecting shippers and carriers with motor carriers. We’ve also built the largest freight rates database, collecting information from real payments between brokers, shippers, and carriers.  

Interactions on these databases offer deep insights into spot market and contract freight trends, including changes in capacity, demand, and prices. We offer customizable reports as part of our DAT Analytics services, as well as weekly updates on current freight rate trends on DAT Trendlines and our Freight Talk blog

What Makes DAT Freight Rates More Reliable?

The Deepest Data: Our DAT RateView database is built on more than $110 billion in freight payments on more than 68,000 lanes, with contributions from hundreds of companies. No one else has a pricing index as deep as that – and it’s not even close.

The Most Up-to-Date: Contributing companies send us their data as soon as there’s a rate agreement. That info is sent to us directly through their transportation management system, or sent via FTP. Any accessorials charges are updated automatically.

The Most Precise: Our database links rates to 149 distinct key market areas in North America, and users can search that database with parameters as specific as the first 3 digits of the zip code. Other freight rates databases collect information based on a geographic radius, which creates an inaccurate picture of the rates in that market.

The Best Practices: Our rates only include REAL transactions – no bids or asking prices, which can skew the data. We also don’t rely on data from factoring companies, which often comes from companies that may have been more willing to accept lower rates. Our proprietary processes also eliminate outliers, so that users only get a true market average for a lane, though they can still see the range of prices paid on that lane.

DAT Data Analytics

Get deep insights into spot market capacity and freight rates – the business intelligence you need to make informed decisions.

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