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National Van Rates
Van rate falls 1¢

Feb 10 - 16 - The national average van rate continued its winter decline, but prices on high-traffic lanes are starting to turn the corner. Last week, the national rate edged down 1¢ to $1.90 per mile, as the van load-to-truck ratio increased. For details, see the Rate Trend of the Week on the DAT Freight Talk blog

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 National Average Fuel Price: 
 $2.97/gallon, unchanged

About Market Rates

Rates are market averages derived from DAT RateView™, an innovative service that provides real-time reports on prevailing spot market and contract rates, as well as historical rate and capacity trends. RateView's comprehensive database is comprised of more than $60 billion in freight bills in over 65,000 lanes.

Monthly average rate drops below $2 for vans

Dropping below $2.00 per mile for the first time since September 2017, the national average van rate closed out the month of January at $1.96. Looser capacity and lower fuel costs contributed to the decline. Rates were 28¢ higher in January 2018, due to the start of the ELD mandate. 

The chart above depicts national average line haul rates and fuel surcharges for vans in the past 13 months, derived from DAT RateView.

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National Average Rates Spot Rates Chart - Truck Graphic
1/26 $1.97
2/2 $1.93
2/9 $1.91
2/16 $1.90
Fuel Prices
+0.0% $2.97 / gallon