Industry Trends
MAY 18 - MAY 24 VS. MAY 11 - MAY 17
APR 2020 VS. MAR 2020
APR 2020 VS. APR 2019
Spot Load Posts -16.5% -67.2% -54.2%
Spot Truck Posts -29.0% +12.5% +6.8%
Van Load-To-Truck +19.7% -65.9% -32.0%
Van Spot Rates +4.4% -12.6% -9.5%
Flatbed Load-To-Truck +27.4% -75.6% -76.2%
Flatbed Spot Rates +2.0% -11.8% -17.0%
Reefer Load-To-Truck +10.5% -69.4% -33.4%
Reefer Spot Rates +3.1% -12.0% -10.2%
Fuel Prices -0.3% -4.1% -24.3%

Fuel Prices

Percent Change: +0.0%

Fuel Price: $2.39 /gallon

Spot rates rise ahead of Memorial Day weekend

National Spot Rates: Van, Flatbed, Reefer

Higher ratios put pressure on prices

May 18 - 24 - Truckload markets continued to follow seasonal trends, and load-to-truck ratios on the DAT One network continued to climb as a result. That put pressure on prices, which rose going into the long holiday weekend as more and more businesses reopen. National averages for van and flatbed rates are still below where they were in April.

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Trendlines shows a weekly snapshot of the month-to-date for national average rates from DAT RateView. National average spot market rates for the past four months, including fuel surcharges, are shown in the three graphs, above.

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