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Don't guess.

Take the uncertainty out of freight with the deepest, broadest, and most reliable rate and capacity analytics.

More than $150 billion in freight invoices analyzed annually.

Turn data into actionable insights

RateView Analytics

See current freight rates on any lane

The most up-to-date pricing data in the industry based on actual contribution data.

Analyze pricing trends

Pinpoint seasonal changes with 13-month pricing histories on each lane.

Get accurate freight rate forecasts

Plan with confidence using forecasts that are over 95% accurate on more than 7 million daily predictions.

Full visibility into spot and contract rates

See average rates paid by brokers and shippers on more than 68,000 lanes.

Network Analytics

View past, present, and future market conditions

Understand emerging trends, seasonal shifts and underperforming aspects of your network.

Source capacity with precision

See supply and demand metrics and forecasts to inform your strategies.

Uncover cost savings opportunities

Optimize your network by identifying under-performing lanes or carriers.

Build a resilient and diversified portfolio

Use reliable data to negotiate with incumbents or efficiently procure new carriers.

Analytics Services

One-time or ongoing engagement

Tap into our in-house team of subject matter experts to take level up your data and analytics.

Put your data to work

Improve data hygiene with data services such as cleansing and aggregation.

Boost your tech stack

Integrate data from any DAT product or service to enhance and centralize internal workflows.

Custom reporting solutions

Uncover insights with strategic data analytics solutions tailored for your business operations.

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