Bring on new carriers in minutes, not hours, with a fast and paperwork-free process.

Make life easier for you and your carriers

Eliminate paperwork and streamline the onboarding process so your carriers can get on the road faster.

Access a hosted onboarding page

DAT hosts the broker’s personalized onboarding web page.

Connect with established carriers

More than 50,000 carriers already have profiles on DAT, meaning you save even more time.

Go digital

Sign contracts electronically and view carriers’ profiles online so you can eliminate piles of paperwork.

Improve the accuracy and speed of carrier onboarding

Simplify the onboarding process so you and your carriers can spend more time focusing on freight.

Onboard from anywhere

Your carriers can onboard from anywhere — including on the road — using any device.

Get the information you need, where you need it

With OnBoard, everything is done online. That means no more reading handwritten, faxed documents and no need to re-type info into your TMS.

Make it personal

Add customized messages to your carriers so your onboarding reflects your business and your interests.

Save time and get moving with OnBoard

Fast onboarding
TMS integration
Virtual profiles
DAT-hosted onboarding page


A few things you might be asking yourself

All of your carriers must fill out paperwork and be onboarded as contractors for your business before they can start transporting freight. An onboarding program simplifies this process. DAT lets carriers fill out profiles online and fill out forms from any device.

Quality carriers are the cornerstone of your business. With OnBoard, you gain access to more than 50,000 detailed carrier profiles so you can find the right partners for your business. All contracts can be signed electronically and you can onboard carriers from anywhere, via any electronic device.
Once you direct carriers to your DAT-hosted website (which features your logo and other branding), carriers will have the opportunity to complete a profile and upload important documents from any device. We’ll then validate the carrier’s W9 information so they can sign a copy of your contract.
Absolutely! By moving everything online, OnBoard saves you all the time you used to spend on data collection and entry.
Yes. Qualified carrier information from OnBoard is uploaded right into your TMS so you can view relevant information with ease.

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Already using OnBoard?

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