Freight Factoring

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Manage your cash flow with freight factoring

  • Trusted factoring through OTR Capital
  • Fuel advances for a flat fee
  • Built for small businesses
  • No new debts

OTR Capital

DAT's factoring partner

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What is Freight Factoring?
  • The time value of money: Fast payout of invoice minus a percentage for the factoring service
  • Avoid debt: New companies avoid new short-term loans
  • Cash flow: You get cash on hand to cover any emergencies
What if I have new authority?
  • DAT partners with OTR Capital because they offer industry leading back office and cashflow solutions to all carriers, including brand new authorities.
  • OTR Capital also helps new authorities establish a solid customer network by providing broker credit approval information directly through the DAT Load Board.
  • Everyone can apply, even if their authority is not active yet!
How Can I Use It?
  • DAT partners with OTR Capital to give you both freight-finding and factoring services
  • Any load on DAT load boards with a blue checkmark can be factored through OTR Capital
  • It only takes one phone call to get paid right away
Start Factoring Loads

Register with OTR Capital and get paid faster. They’ll pay you for your freight invoice within 24 hours. Call 404.882.4049  for more info.

Looking for a Load Board?

Then you’ve come to the right place. DAT users post more than 249 million loads and trucks annually on the biggest super-database for freight in the trucking industry.

Need Trucking Authority?

Are you ready to go independent with your own MC number? DAT can take care of the paperwork for you so you can get your trucking business up and running as fast as possible.

Stuck in your factoring contract?

Check out our guide that walks you through key considerations to help you identify if you should switch factors. We’ve outlined the steps to make the switch if it aligns with your business needs.