Best Freight Factoring Companies

Best Freight Factoring Companies

What You Need to Know When Choosing a Freight Factoring Company

Choosing which load factoring company to work with is a big decision for any carrier. While there are many benefits to factoring, it is important that you choose the company that is right for you to fully enjoy these benefits. In order to make the process a little easier, DAT has reached out to several experts to get their feedback on the best factoring companies for truckers.

What is Freight Factoring?

Freight factoring, also called transportation factoring, trucking factoring, or freight bill factoring, is a process in which the person or business that delivers a load sells their invoice to a factoring company. The factoring company then pays the carrier or owner-operator the full amount of the invoice, minus a small percentage, within as little as 24 hours of receiving the invoice. This is often a better alternative than waiting a month or longer for a broker to pay the invoice. The time it takes to receive payment can depend on a variety of factors, but generally different factoring companies will have different timelines for payment.

Is Factoring Like Taking a Loan?

The essential point to remember is that factoring should not be confused with lending. When a factoring company purchases your invoice, that invoice belongs to the company. With factoring, drivers and businesses are able to get paid in advance — and use these funds to pick up new loads — without having to get a loan or incur debt.

The following  freight factoring companies have been selected according to feedback from carriers and owner-operators — and then vetted by industry experts.

Reputable Freight Factoring Companies

Below you’ll find an in-depth overview of each company. The overview includes a brief highlight of the key criteria you should be thinking about as you choose the right one for your business.

Start getting paid faster for the work you do and leave behind the time it takes to chase down your hard earned money.

OTR Solutions

OTR Solutions non-recourse factoring program leads the trucking industry in service, features and benefits. The company was founded in 2011 to help carriers and owner-operators maintain a positive cash flow while growing their business. OTR Solutions has experience working with small, medium, and large companies, and is focused on building strong, long-lasting relationships with customers.

OTR Solutions offers the most trustworthy flat factoring rates in the industry with no hidden fees and straightforward factoring programs. With transparent pricing, no long-term contracts or commitments, and customized factoring programs to fit your unique business needs, the company stands out as the number one choice for factoring loads.

OTR Solutions comprehensive services have earned them overwhelmingly positive reviews. Users point to OTR Solutions professional and personable customer service and quick response time as particularly exemplary. According to one representative from Lydel Logistics Corp, “No issue is unimportant [to OTR Solutions] and all issues are fixed in a timely and efficient manner.” Another customer, R. Muller, adds, “We have been factoring with OTR Solutions for 3 years and could not be any happier with our Factoring Company. OTR Solutions is always striving to simplify the process for the drivers and treats their customers like family! They provide you with fuel card incentives/discounts and software to help you as a client to build the most profitable business.”

In particular, OTR Solutions offers:

  • Both recourse and non-recourse factoring
  • No chargebacks on cleanly delivered loads from approved brokers
  • 24/7 credit checks
  • Simple invoicing through the client portal and convenient mobile app
  • No monthly minimums, volume limits, or credit restrictions
  • Dedicated account manager to handle all cash flow and back-office needs

With 4.7/5 stars on Google, OTR Solutions is the top factoring company as chosen by industry experts.

image of CoreFund Capital logo

CoreFund Capital

One thing is certain when it comes to CoreFund Capital: They’re a great factoring company. The online reviews are overwhelmingly positive, with many reviewers noting that they’ve worked with CoreFund Capital for years without ever experiencing a problem. Customers describe the company as reliable, saying that they always deliver funds on the day they are promised and provide exemplary customer service.

CoreFund Capital’s services include:

  • Non-recourse factoring programs
  • Same-day payments
  • Full advance programs
  • Discount fuel cards
  • 24/7 online account access
  • Extended hours, including Saturday funding
  • No minimums
  • No long-term contracts

If you’re looking for a quality, reliable factoring company, there’s no denying that CoreFund Capital may be a good choice for you. They’ll get you the funds you’re looking for at a good rate so you can get on the road fast.

image of alt LINE logo

altLINE, The Southern Bank Company

altLINE is an extension of The Southern Bank Company and is an accounts receivable-based financing platform for commercial customers. As a bank factoring company, altLINE offers the same benefits as a regular independent factoring company while providing the advantages that come from working with a community bank.

altLINE’s services and advantages include:

  • Recourse factoring
  • Great customer service
  • Fast payments
  • A stronger sense of security and financial stability that comes with working with a bank
  • Competitive rates, because the bank acting as a direct source of funds (and removes the middleman)

According to altLINE’s customer reviews, the company’s customer service is outstanding. Customers find the team to be both knowledgeable and helpful, always willing to go the extra mile when offering support.

The only potential concern with altLINE is that the company doesn’t offer a non-recourse factoring option. That means that if your client doesn’t end up paying the invoice, you will be liable for a chargeback. Of course, not everyone is looking for a non-recourse solution. Non-recourse solutions sometimes come with higher fees in exchange for the factoring company’s added risk, and this may not be an issue for every business. If you’re looking for a recourse factoring solution, there’s no doubt that altLINE is a good choice.

image of Apex logo

Apex Capital Corp

Another standout freight factoring company is Apex. Founded in 1995, Apex is one of the most established factoring companies in operation. Apex provides users with quality customer service that keeps them in the loop about their invoices.

Customer feedback is largely positive for Apex, with many customers finding that their invoices are advanced quickly and that their account executives are very helpful in helping them navigate the factoring process. This is particularly useful for new carriers that may not have the knowledge or experience to effectively factor their invoices and grow their business. The fact that so many of Apex’s customers feel that they are being supported is a big positive for the company.

In addition to their experience and top-notch customer service, Apex offers the following service highlights:

  • Both recourse and non-recourse factoring
  • Flat rate of 2 percent on already billed invoices
  • No fees related to monthly minimum volumes
  • No termination fees
  • Free credit checks
  • No hidden charges
  • Fuel card discounts
  • 24/7 access to their free online Account Management Portal (AMP)
  • Mobile app with image capture technology so you can factor from anywhere
  • Account executive dedicated to your account

While Apex is a good choice for businesses of any size, it does require a little more planning than some other factoring companies. Though there are no termination fees for contracts with Apex, while you are under contract, Apex demands that you factor all of your invoices through them. This sets them apart from some other factoring companies that allow you to pick and choose which invoices you want to factor, even when you’re under contract. That gives you the freedom to decide which invoices make financial sense to factor and which you would rather not pay the percentage that is collected by the factoring company.

Image of PorterFreight logo

Porter Freight Funding

Porter Freight Funding was formed in 2011 with the goal of providing consistent cash flow to small and large trucking companies. In addition to factoring services, the company also offers a dispatching network with pre-approved brokers and shippers. Plus, with Porter, truck drivers can access free fuel cards with fuel advances, as well as discounts at chains across the country.

Porter offers flexible factoring services with no long-term contracts or commitments and has overwhelmingly positive reviews. Every client works with their own personal representative who understands their unique business needs. According Keith Lorren, owner of The Spice King Gourmet Seasonings, “Without Porter I would not have been able to scale my operations or inventory!” Rajiv Gomer, owner of District Cloud Solutions, adds, “They provided me with all of the support and knowledge I needed in order to make an informed decision moving forward financially. Their customer first focus is very evident, regardless of who you deal with at the company.”

Porter offers:

  • Both recourse and non-recourse factoring
  • Comprehensive dispatching network
  • Pre-approved list of brokers and shippers
  • Free fuel card with advances and discounts
  • Insurance quotes
  • Compliance assistance

With 4.6/5 stars on TrustPilot, Porter Freight Funding is the go-to factoring company for many industry experts.

image of Provident Commercial Finance logo

Provident Commercial Finance

Provident Commercial Finance, is another great option when it comes to account receivable factoring. When you work with Provident Commercial Finance, you get more than just a financial relationship — you get a consultative relationship as well, meaning you can get advice on factoring that can help you grow your business. Plus, the full service experience offered by Provident Commercial Finance means you can rest easy knowing that your factoring is taken care of.

Provident Commercial Finance services include:

  • Factoring services like full invoice generation, funding, collections, and postings for clients

The biggest issue with Provident Commercial Finance is the lack of information available about their services and rates. Instead of providing this information upfront, the company requires curious customers to contact them first. This lack of info combined with the fact that the Provident Commercial Finance has only a few customer reviews puts them at the bottom of our list.

image of Thunder Funding logo

Thunder Funding

Thunder Funding is one of the newer companies on this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t one of the top factoring options available. Unlike some other companies, Thunder Funding is focused entirely on freight. In fact, the company was started by real truckers who were frustrated by delayed payments.

One of the biggest advantages of Thunder Funding compared to other factoring companies is that they will send you a full copy of their contract before you even sign an application. That means you can see exactly what you are getting into in terms of pricing before you make any kind of commitment.

The company’s specific factoring offerings include:

  • Non-recourse factoring
  • Rates of 2-4 percent — more expensive than some of the other factoring companies
  • Fuel cards and fuel discounts
  • Free credit checks
  • 90 day, short-term agreements
  • 24/7 online account access
  • The freedom to choose which customers to factor
  • Same-day funding

The only real drawback of Thunder Funding is that its rates are on the more expensive side as compared to the competition. However, they are still a great factoring choice, especially if you are looking for shorter commitments.

image of eCapital logo


eCapital offers top quality customer support, especially for companies that are just getting started. The company has recently merged with Accutrac Capital, another leading factoring company.

eCapital’s services include:

  • Both recourse and non-recourse factoring
  • Free credit checks
  • Factoring line of credit
  • Discount fuel cards
  • 24/7 access to your online account

Unfortunately, customers report some negative experiences with eCapital. The company also has complex contracts and they can make it difficult to leave your contract. This difficulty is exacerbated by the poor communication and poor customer service that a number of users report. Some users also report having difficulties getting paid after their initial period with the company. Several customers are happy with eCapital, however, so it might still be a good fit for some owner-operators.

image of RTS logo

RTS Financial

RTS offers quality freight factoring in addition to a variety of other services specific for truckers, like fuel cards and software designed to help you manage your business. This software can help with managing your factoring agreement with RTS itself as well as other elements of your operation.

One industry expert we spoke to, Ahesa Johnson, enumerated the many advantages of factoring with RTS. She said, “We chose RTS Financial because they offer an agent/referral program where you can receive a percentage of the factoring fee for loads factored by referred clients. They also offered a lower rate and they have an app that allows you to process your loads and check the status. Lastly, they offer hourly same-day funding if you need it.”

These are all points that help put RTS on the list of top freight factoring companies. Plus, here are some additional features that make RTS a good choice for owner-operators:

  • Non-recourse factoring
  • Up to 97 percent of invoice value paid upfront
  • Equipment leasing options
  • Fuel card program with a large credit line
  • Trucking-related software
  • Easy-to-use mobile app
  • Quality customer support through email, phone, and online chat

When asked why they chose RTS for their freight factoring, customers often point to the company’s low rates and fast payments. In theory, customers are able to get up to 97% of the value of their invoice upfront. However, there are some complications with this figure given that RTS lacks transparency when it comes to their pricing. Even when you contact their customer service, it can be difficult to determine exactly what fees you will be paying.

Another challenge with RTS is that, unlike with many other factoring companies, you can’t apply online for the service. Instead, you need to speak directly with a sales representative who will discuss your business and your options with you. Many people find this to be less convenient than simply applying online before speaking to a representative.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of options available when it comes to factoring. At DAT, we believe that OTR Solutions is the best factoring company out there and the feedback we’ve received from owner-operators and industry experts supports that. In fact, we believe in OTR Solutions so much that we’ve incorporated their services into the DAT load board. If you’re looking for a trustworthy and reliable factoring company that has your best interests in mind, OTR Solutions is the clear choice.

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OTR Solutions

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