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The industry's only real-time lane rate tool for Supply Chain and Logistics Analysts

Benchmark your costs and forecast carrier rates

DAT RateView™ gives you the latest rate information for thousands of broker-to-carrier spot and/or shipper-to-carrier contract market lanes, based on actual freight bills, not bids or factored rates. 

Spot market rates are compiled from $57 billion in actual transactions, updated daily. Contract rates are averages by lane.

Get 24/7 access to current lane rates, from transacted rates

When you look up lane rates in RateView, you'll see:

  • Contract and/or spot market rates
  • Average fuel surcharge and per-mile accessorial charges
  • Three equipment types: dry van, refrigerated or flatbed
  • An on-screen calculator that lets you update your margins for each load

Hot Market Maps show current load-to-truck ratios, which indicate demand.

Validate rates instantly and get thousands of rates in minutes

  • Get point-to-point rates in seconds, to benchmark against your current pricing
  • Compare your rates to industry averages for virtually every market in the U.S.
  • Research rail intermodal rates
  • Negotiate carrier rates fast, respond to RFPs, and win bids

Harness additional data and tools to analyze the rates you need

  • Load-to-truck ratios, inbound and outbound comparisons for each state
  • Rate calculator provides final price and margin
  • 13-month historical rate information for thousands of lanes

Hot Market Maps and Benchmarking Tools

  • Hot Market Maps: At-a-glance view of the ratio between loads and trucks
  • Compare your rates with average lane rates
  • Expand market areas and timeframes to pinpoint lane rates


















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