ACT Research Freight Forecast

DAT is partnering with ACT Research to bring you the best strategic freight forecasts and analysis in the industry.

ACT Research’s Freight Forecast provides unmatched insights into supply and demand in the freight industry. This report offers a monthly trucking market update for professionals across the supply chain. With decades of industry expertise and award-winning economic analysis, ACT Research is your essential partner for strategic planning and effective rate negotiations.

  • Gain comprehensive insights and in-depth market analysis.
  • Access accurate forecasting and diverse forecast coverage.
  • Negotiate freight rates and mitigate risks with confidence.

Gain comprehensive insights and in-depth market analysis.

Make informed decisions in the dynamic trucking market with insights including freight rate and volume forecasts.

ACT Research utilizes market indicator data from truck original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the most accurate Class 8 tractor population model to outline the supply-demand balance for truckers and shippers, providing you with crucial strategic planning support in the ever-evolving trucking markets. Turn to ACT Research as a validated third party to navigate changing trucking rates and guide your decisions confidently.

Access accurate forecasting and diverse forecast coverage.

Gain a nuanced understanding of the commercial vehicle market with a wealth of data on freight rate predictions.

Empower your business with diverse market intelligence through ACT Research’s Freight Forecast. Receive monthly forecasts on key freight market indicators including Class 8 truck orders, current freight rates, truckload spot rates, dry van market rates, freight rate predictions, US economic forecasts, and other truck freight trends. ACT Research’s deep industry knowledge brings you a best-in-class outlook for the transportation market.

Negotiate freight rates and mitigate risks with confidence.

Secure favorable deals and strengthen relationships with shippers with guidance from ACT Research’s freight rates forecast.

ACT Research’s Freight Forecast is a valuable tool for brokers, shippers, and carriers. It provides a detailed analysis of carrier profits each month, making it easier for you to plan your budget and compare your performance. With this information, you’ll be able to see how the trucking industry is changing and use that knowledge to serve your customers better. It also gives you confidence when negotiating prices for both spot and contract rates thanks to its comprehensive freight rate predictions.

"In our experience, DAT is the most accurate and complete source of spot and contract rate data available.”

- Don Everhart, VP Technology & Analytics for Knight-Swift Logistics

“By integrating DAT’s forecasting data and analytics tools with our expertise and customized pricing, we can deliver fast, reliable rates using the most comprehensive data and market analysis available.”

- Ryan Ilges, Worldwide Express Vice President of Truckload

Your strategic advantage in the dynamic trucking market starts here.

Gain a deeper understanding of the rate and volume outlook nationwide with ACT Research’s Freight Forecast, in partnership with DAT. Enhance your standing in the market and build client trust, while confidently navigating fluctuations and securing optimal deals. Subscribe now for unparalleled insights and accurate freight rate predictions.

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