Best Gas Rewards Program

Best Gas Rewards Program

Save money on fuel, enjoy card rewards, limit paperwork and safeguard transactions with the DAT Fuel Card program.
Fuel expenses are notoriously tough for carriers, including owner-operators, to manage. The best gas rewards program can help you keep costs in check by unlocking cash prices. Gas reward programs also generate points you can use on hotel stays, meals, showers and more. You can even monitor and measure spending.
  • Bring balance and predictability to your fuel expenses
  • Earn points for discounts on the purchases you make every day
  • Add security and visibility to every fuel transaction you make

Bring balance and predictability to your fuel expenses

Avoid the disruption of up-and-down gas prices with the best gas station rewards program.

When you pull up to a truck stop, you need dependable gas reward programs. You want to fuel up for the next leg of your trip with prices that are manageable. The DAT One app automatically connects you to partner organizations and offerings such as the DAT WEX Fuel Card. This kind of gas discount program lets you put limits on fuel spending and access cash rates for fuel all at the same time.

Earn points for discounts on the purchases you make every day

Keep your wallet in check by using a DAT fuel card, the best gas loyalty program.
Drivers log an incredible number of miles weekly, let alone each month. That much travel requires a fair amount of spending to keep going. Whether you are buying a meal, booking a hotel room or grabbing a quick cup of coffee, the best gas loyalty programs let you build up points. Those points act like actual dollars toward future purchases such as tires. You might even see double-digit percentage savings on some expenses.

Add security and visibility to every fuel transaction you make

Avoid fraudulent purchases and get an automated spending record to maximize your financial efficiency while you’re on the road.
Most gas station loyalty programs provide little savings and a few perks on other purchases. The DAT fuel card program goes many steps beyond. It’s integrated with the DAT One mobile app, enabling you to seek out the 1,900 stops for truckers that provide discounts. Cards for the best gas rewards program have built-in safety features for secure transactions. EFS eManager delivers spending reports to DAT fuel card users and tracks paperwork without a hassle.

“WEX adds extra value because they tailored the program to give us varying start and stop times for fueling. They also allow us to assign the cards to employees and cut down on fraud. It’s a very good program for us.”

-Charles Cotton, Fleet and Logistics Director – Lucas Tree Experts

Save big with the best gas rewards program!
Put a little cushion back in your budget by participating in the best gas station loyalty programs. DAT’s fuel card program, available via our app, puts all our partners at your fingertips. Search fuel prices near your routes, secure cash prices and track expenses. Ask about our fuel program today!