Business Fuel Cards

Start reducing your fuel costs with DAT’s Fuel Card program

DAT’s fuel card program allows carriers and owner-operators to save money on fuel. The DAT One Fuel Card provides truckers access to discounted fuel prices across the country. Take advantage of the best business fuel card for truckers in the industry to lower your fuel costs and start reaping other benefits.

  • Find the cheapest fuel and start saving money today.
  • Leverage the best set of fuel card partners nationwide.
  • Enjoy all of the benefits provided under the DAT One Fuel Card program.

Find the cheapest fuel and start saving money today

Our fuel card partner provides carriers with discounted rates, allowing truckers to significantly reduce their fuel costs.

For owner-operators, fuel cost remains the single highest variable cost to operate a truck. The DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions, is designed for carriers as an easy tool to find discounted fuel near and wide.

Leverage the best fuel card partner nationwide

Our mobile app connects you to the DAT One Fuel Card, the best fuel card on the market.

The Fuel Finder feature in the OTR Solutions mobile app allows you to easily check where our fleet and fuel cards for carriers are accepted. Our fuel card saves you money, and the app saves you time and miles – so you don’t have to go out of your way searching for your next gas station.

Enjoy all of the benefits provided under the DAT One Fuel Card program

Access discounted fuel and reap all of the added perks included within DAT’s fuel card for carriers.

A fuel card is not just about access to discounted fuel. The best fuel cards provide a host of extended benefits, including consistent fuel pricing, convenient cashless payments, reduced paperwork and admin tasks, and zero in-network transaction fees. 

Learn how you can save more with the DAT One Fuel Card.

Save on fuel today with the best Business Fuel Card!

If you’re an owner operator or carrier, you know that fuel ends up being your biggest variable cost by the end of the year. With DAT’s Fuel Card Program, that no longer has to be the case. Join our Fuel Card Program and immediately connect with our network of fuel card partners to start saving on fuel today!