Cargo Insurance for Freight Brokers

Get high-quality, per-load cargo insurance for freight brokers through DAT’s partnership with Loadsure.

DAT’s partnership with Loadsure means that members can now access pay-as-you-go, per-load cargo insurance from DAT’s best-in-class load boards. Loadsure’s per-load, all-risk smart coverage offers policies that help you save time and money while protecting your freight.

  • Save time with easy-to-access, quality cargo insurance.
  • Cut costs with single shipment cargo insurance.
  • Protect your shipments with contingent cargo insurance.

Save time with easy-to-use, quality cargo insurance.

Get lightning-fast contingent cargo insurance for freight brokers.

Time is critical when it comes to working in the spot market. If you can’t cover your risk fast, you might lose loads and commissions. That’s why Loadsure has fully digitized broker cargo insurance, empowering you to close deals fast so you can spend more time brokering freight and less time navigating your insurance. Cover risk with a single click and access funds fast with Loadsure.

Cut costs with single shipment cargo insurance.

Save money on cargo insurance costs with dynamic pricing and per-load insurance.

With Loadsure’s per-load, all-risk smart coverage, you can access policies that are dynamically priced to match every load. That means freight brokers can save money on transactional cargo insurance by paying just for the coverage they need. Using Loadsure also helps you reduce or even eliminate your annual covers, potentially cutting insurance costs by 5x or more.

Protect your shipments with contingent cargo insurance.

Access A-rated security for quality cargo protection — without the headache.

Protecting your cargo is an essential part of any broker’s job, but navigating insurance can quickly become a hassle. With Loadsure, it doesn’t have to be. Loadsure is laser-focused on simplifying spot freight cargo insurance through elegant mobile, cloud, and big data technology applications. Plus, getting coverage is easier than ever through Loadsure’s partnership with DAT, which allows you to access insurance right from the DAT load board.

“Claims like this typically take two to three months, but it only took two weeks with Loadsure.”

- John Coviello, President GMG Transwest Corp

"Loadsure is a no-brainer. I don't remember ever really having to sell it. It's just something that makes sense and the price is right. It’s another tool that makes me even better."

- Patrick O’Loughlin, COO, Regiment Logistics

Insure your cargo with Loadsure today!

Get access to high-quality per-load insurance right from your DAT load board. Loadsure offers contingent cargo insurance for brokers that’s quick and easy to use. Sign up for the DAT load board and try it now!

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