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Secure loads for your cargo van wherever you are, with reliable brokers and optimal shipping routes.

Finding loads for your cargo van doesn’t have to be frustrating. DAT offers the most comprehensive cargo van load boards in the industry, with a variety of features to help carriers save money in the long run.

  • DAT has the largest cargo van load board in the industry.
  • We make it easy to find your next load.
  • DAT’s load board is worth the investment.

DAT has the largest cargo van load board in the industry.

We offer access to more cargo van loads than any other load board

DAT’s load boards include over 887,000 new freight listings every day, with more than 226 million posted annually, including expedited freight and LTL loads. With that kind of coverage, you can find the load that’s right for you — wherever you are. When you use the most detailed load boards in the cargo van shipping industry, you can rest assured that every load is the best possible match.

We make it easy to find your next cargo van load.

With DAT, carriers don’t have to waste time searching for loads.

Load boards for cargo vans can be complicated, since drivers require specific loads with smaller dimensions. Fortunately, DAT offers an easy-to-use solution to find your next load. DAT’s load board is user-friendly, with features that let you easily sort what kind of load you’re looking for, and find where the highest demand is located.

DAT’s cargo van load boards are worth the investment.

We offer money-saving features for a long-term investment in your trucking business.

At DAT, we provide the highest-quality and most trustworthy freight load boards. We believe that your business needs a comprehensive, long-term solution. When you subscribe to DAT’s load network, you can find optimum broker rates, efficient shipping routes, and locations where you’re in demand for time-sensitive loads. With these money-saving features, you can make your best shipping choices and optimize your profits.

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  • Cargo van load boards aren’t all created equal. If you settle for a low-value service for finding freight, you might be signing up for confusion, unreliable brokers, and a small set of listings. With DAT’s load network, you can say goodbye to frustration.

    When you subscribe to DAT, you’re gaining the widest, most detailed coverage with the most trustworthy brokers. Our brokers submit credit info, average time to pay, and customer satisfaction reviews, so you can always make sure you’re getting the best deal. With cargo van freight load boards that are the most trustworthy and easiest to use, it’s no wonder cargo van operators agree that DAT is the best bet.

  • The DAT load network isn’t just a list of nearby loads. DAT covers all angles of your load pickup and dropoff process, with detailed tips to help you optimize your profits along the way.

    Looking for an expedite cargo van load board? With DAT, you can find the fastest shipping routes for all your expedited cargo van loads. Plus, you can view the average cost of loads in your area and compare the market price to the rates your brokers are charging — all from DAT’s convenient mobile app.  

  • No matter if you’re an independent contractor or you’re carrying loads for a major freight corporation, DAT’s network offers loads for your cargo van — Hot Shot, Ram, Expedited, or any other equipment types. When you access our load boards from your DAT mobile app, you’ll breathe a sigh of relief at how easy it is to find your next load. With DAT’s freight load boards for cargo vans, you can find the right loads, and open up a world of possibilities for your business.

“The DAT Load Board is the only one I use, and I really don’t see any interest in trying any other one.” 

- Brian Stone, Stone’s Trucking LLC

"DAT Load Board is awesome. They even teach you how to book a load and how to use it on your computer or cell phone app. Highly recommend DAT!"

- Francis Gatmaitan, Alpha Trucking 

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