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We make it simple to find loads for dry van trucks.

DAT is well-known in the trucking industry for being the biggest and best service for finding dry van loads. Start searching for the highest paying dry van loads on the DAT network today.

  • Find dry van freight loads quickly and easily.
  • Check broker credit scores before you do business.
  • Use market data to maximize your rate per mile.

Find dry van freight loads quickly and easily.

With the most comprehensive load board in the industry on your side, finding dry van truck loads is a breeze.

Dry van loads are one of the most common types of freight in the country, making them an integral part of ensuring that shipped goods reach their destination on time. If you’re a carrier or owner operator, you know the importance of efficiency when it comes to finding loads — and there’s no larger network of shippers and freight brokers than DAT.

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Check broker credit scores before you do business.

A successful business relies on forming the right partnerships. Having trusted shippers and brokers who know you’ll get the job done on time can extend the longevity of your operation.

On top of giving you access to all dry van loads available on our network, the DAT Directory allows you to vet your brokers. We provide credit scores, reviews from other trucking companies, and average days to pay, so you’ll know exactly who you’re working with before you sign any contracts. Our tools make it easier — and safer — for you to do business.

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Use market data to maximize your rate per mile.

We analyze what brokers and shippers are paying on more than 65,000 lanes to bring you the most accurate rate data in the business.

Knowing what other carriers and owner operators are making on your preferred lanes can help prevent you from selling yourself short. More than 623,000 new listings are posted to our load boards each business day, and we run the numbers on the past 15 days of transactions to keep you up-to-date and find high paying loads. That way, you know the right price to ask.

  • Dry vans are truck trailers with an enclosure that protects freight from the elements — the typical semi-truck being a perfect example. Dry van trailers are versatile, efficient, and relied on because of how they keep loads dry. Dry van trailers do not, however, have temperature controls like refrigerated, or “reefer,” trucks.

  • The primary difference is that flatbed trailers are not enclosed on top, and would require tarps to protect freight from exposure to the elements. Flatbed trailers can also lack side paneling, which can prove useful when transporting large or unconventionally shaped loads like lumber, piping, or modular homes.

  • Our load boards are designed to make it easier to do your job. We handle the back end logistics, so all you have to do is use our simple, intuitive dashboard to search what’s available on more than 65,000 lanes. By minimizing your downtime between jobs, you’ll be able to increase your rate per mile and operate more competitively.

  • The DAT network allows drivers to search for more than 70 different kinds of freight, including dry van loads. There’s no limit to how many searches you can save or trucks you can post — and the system will send you alerts when it detects new matches. With real-time visibility into your favorite lanes, you’ll be better prepared than ever when opportunity knocks.

  • DAT’s basic monthly load board plan gives you unlimited access to listings for dry van loads and other kinds of freight, as well as to broker information and reviews. Our premium plans include additional advanced features geared toward larger operations, including market supply and demand information, triangular routing suggestions to minimize deadhead, and more.

  • The time it takes to manually find freight is time that your trucks aren’t on the road. The good news is that DAT is accessible wherever you have service, using the DAT mobile app. We’re deeply invested in the success of our clients, and we’ve built our business to equip carriers and owner operators with cost effective tools to help you get ahead. This includes inbound/outbound maps that indicate where demand is high, market insights to keep you informed of what’s happening in the industry, and alerts that notify you the moment new loads are available.

“The DAT Load Board is the only one I use, and I really don’t see any interest in trying any other one.” 

- Brian Stone, Stone’s Trucking LLC

"DAT Load Board is awesome. They even teach you how to book a load and how to use it on your computer or cell phone app. Highly recommend DAT!"

- Francis Gatmaitan, Alpha Trucking 

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