Emergency Freight

Emergency Freight

DAT connects carriers with brokers and shippers looking to move emergency freight.

When emergencies hit — from natural disasters to labor strikes — shippers need to get their critical freight from point A to point B fast. DAT offers easy-to-use tools to move FEMA loads and emergency freight.

  • Find emergency freight on DAT’s load boards.
  • Get actionable information when you need it most.
  • Keep up-to-date with national freight trends.

Find emergency freight on DAT’s load boards.

Easily find emergency freight with the largest trucking load board on the market.

Many freight brokers help with moving and housing emergency freight. They may be handling this work on behalf of FEMA itself, or for a non-governmental agency like the American Red Cross. When this freight can’t be moved via preferred carriers, it is often posted on DAT’s load boards for owner-operators and carriers to find.

Get actionable information when you need it most.

Use DAT’s insights to understand market rates and demand.

Whether it’s a natural disaster, labor strike, or inclement weather, the trucking industry finds solutions to keep the country’s supply chain moving and provide emergency freight where it’s needed. DAT offers analytical insights into how these disruptions affect freight rates, truckload capacity, and demand on a market-to-market basis.

Keep up-to-date with national freight trends.

Stay up-to-date with the state of the market during emergencies and beyond with DAT’s weekly reports.

DAT’s free weekly reports — often cited in the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Business Insider, and other publications — bring you weekly updates and recaps on demand, national average spot market rates, and more, allowing you to compare the last week’s changes to the previous month and year. Make sure you’re getting the best possible rates with DAT Trendlines.

“The DAT Load Board is the only one I use, and I really don’t see any interest in trying any other one.”

- Brian Stone, Stone’s Trucking LLC

"DAT Load Board is awesome. They even teach you how to book a load and how to use it on your computer or cell phone app. Highly recommend DAT!"

- Francis Gatmaitan, Alpha Trucking

Find emergency freight on DAT’s load boards

DAT connects motor carriers, freight brokers, 3PLs, and shippers on North America’s largest on-demand freight network. Find the right freight for the right rate with DAT.

Get started finding emergency freight today.

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