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Triumph Business Capital offers fair and trusted factoring rates calculated for each unique customer.

With Triumph, you can rely on competitive factoring rates for each customer, without any loans or debt. That’s why their financial experts are the most reliable in the factoring business.

  • Triumph offers the most trustworthy rates in the industry.
  • Building a strong relationship with clients is Triumph’s number one priority.
  • Triumph prices their factoring rates based on your specific circumstances.

Triumph offers the most trustworthy rates in the industry.

Triumph’s trucking factoring rates are reliable, professional, and fair.

Triumph’s factoring rates are tailored to each unique circumstance. When their team of financial experts calculates your rate, they take into account whether you’ve chosen recourse or non-recourse factoring, your customer’s credit, how long it typically takes them to get their invoices in, and other important financial information. No matter the situation, Triumph’s rates are fair and transparent. 

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Building a strong relationship with clients is Triumph’s number one priority.

In addition to offering fair factoring company rates, Triumph’s ultimate goal is to provide the best possible service.

Triumph’s factoring experts pride themselves on building a strong relationship with each client. That’s why Triumph was the first factoring company to ever be awarded Preferred Provider (P3) status by the national Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA). Triumph’s rates are calculated by a team of experts to match each unique load, so truckers can rest assured that every freight factoring fee is fair and balanced. 

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Triumph prices their factoring rates based on your specific circumstances.

At Triumph, pricing is based on customer’s credit and individual risk calculations.

If you can cover the cost of factoring, chances are Triumph is the factoring company that’s right for you. They calculate each customer’s fees based on the risk of the load, how much liability clients are responsible for, and whether a customer is known to have late invoices. Unlike other freight factoring companies, Triumph doesn’t have any hidden fees, closing fees, or loans. 

"Triumph has been a tremendous partner in building our company, there's no way we could have started without their help. They have been key in our day to day operation making it possible to us to focus on what we know how to do."

- Unafreight, LLC

"I would have never survived the first 6 months without Triumph Factoring. They basically helped build my company."

- Kelly Transport LLC

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  • Triumph’s factoring rates are determined based on your customer’s credit, shipping history, and other aspects that contribute to how reliable their payments might be. If you are a smaller trucking startup that hasn’t built up lots of credit, factoring with Triumph allows you to breathe a sigh of relief. With pricing based on your customers (not based on you), your own credit will not be an issue.

    Triumph’s fee is variable, but their average factoring rates are usually around 2 to 3% for recourse factoring. Recourse factoring means the carrier assumes the risk in case your customer does not pay. Non-recourse factoring will charge a higher premium, because Triumph assumes the risk of paying off those invoices. Again, trucking factoring rates will differ for each customer.

  • Some Factoring companies compete solely on rates, so they may appear at first to be cheaper than Triumph.

    However, working with Triumph is an investment in the future of your trucking business. They offer fair, transparent rates with no hidden expenses or closing fees. Triumph’s rates are trustworthy and reliable, and you can always call one of their client liaisons with any questions. Factoring with Triumph offers your business some much-needed stability — with no strings attached.

  • When you are considering factoring your invoices versus taking out a bank loan, you need to think about your business in the long-term. Often, truckers who need cash for their invoices turn to loans. Loans might offer more money in the short-term, but they can rack up debt in the long-term that can sink your business.

    Factoring is a no-debt solution. For a small rate, Triumph will process your invoices within 24 hours, and give you cash that is actually yours. Factoring with Triumph is an effective, sustainable choice compared to taking out loans. Factoring helps you pay off your business expenses without sending you into debt.

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