Freight Matching

Digital freight matching helps brokers and shippers connect with their ideal carriers for the best possible partnerships.

Freight matching has been around for decades — first brokers and shippers posted at truck stop bulletin boards, then they used fax machines to connect with carriers. Today, digital freight matching allows you to optimize your deals with high-precision freight matching tools.

  • Find capacity fast with the DAT One (Formerly DAT Power) load board.
  • Secure deals immediately, and streamline your transactions.
  • Access digital freight matching tools on the go.

Find capacity fast with the DAT Power load board.

Freight matching allows you to identify the right carriers for your freight so you can find the best deals.

The DAT load board offers a range of streamlined solutions to digital freight matching. Instead of posting loads and waiting for carriers to find them, brokers and shippers can use DAT’s digital freight matching algorithm for a great match every time. Digital freight matching software allows carriers to quickly accept loads based on a variety of factors, such as capacity specifics, location, and truck type.

Secure deals immediately, and streamline your transactions.

Attract carriers and speed up your transactions with the Book Now feature.

Your subscription to the DAT One (Formerly DAT Power) load board allows you to provide an immediate booking option for carriers, using DAT’s Book Now feature. When the right carrier identifies your load, you can send the carrier to your booking portal with a single link. Meanwhile, carriers can find the right loads without hassle. With this quick and easy system, everybody wins!

Access digital freight matching tools on the go.

Communicate with carriers and manage your load postings using the DAT One mobile app.

With the free DAT One mobile app, you can access your transportation management system (TMS) from wherever you have internet access. That means you can communicate with carriers as soon as they match with your postings, and post loads as soon as they’re available. Mobile access is the key to efficient transactions, and DAT One makes efficiency easy.

“The DAT Load Board is the only one I use, and I really don’t see any interest in trying any other one.”

- Brian Stone, Stone’s Trucking LLC

"DAT Load Board is awesome. They even teach you how to book a load and how to use it on your computer or cell phone app. Highly recommend DAT!"

- Francis Gatmaitan, Alpha Trucking

Get loads fast with digital freight matching!

With DAT, brokers and shippers can use digital freight matching to find the best carriers fast. To optimize every deal, DAT offers market rates, lane insights, and the largest network of shippers and carriers in the country. Get the most out of every transaction with intelligent freight matching.

DAT One Select Broker

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