Fuel Cards for Truckers

Fuel cards offer carriers and owner-operators an easy tool for finding discounted fuel.

Fuel is typically the highest variable cost for owner-operators. Fortunately, the best trucker fuel cards let you reduce these costs by helping you find discounted fuel. Plus, with the DAT One mobile app, fuel discounts from our partners are integrated right into the app, along with other great benefits.

  • Save money with the best discount fuel card for truckers.
  • Find the best fuel rates along your route.
  • Get added benefits with discounts integrated into the mobile app.

Save money with the best discount fuel card for truckers.

Spend strategically on fuel with an easy-to-use trucking fuel card.

When it comes to delivering freight, there are a lot of costs your business needs to contend with at any given time. As an exceptionally variable cost, fuel can significantly affect your bottom line. That’s where small fleet fuel cards for truckers come in. These cards can help you find discount fuel along your route. Plus, you can accumulate points to make purchases at truck stops instead of using cash.

Find the best fuel rates along your route.

Save time and boost fuel efficiency by finding discount fuel rates.

When it comes to saving money on the road, boosting fuel efficiency is a top priority for many truckers. Veering off your route in search of discount fuel can quickly become costly, with the inconvenience of those detours far outweighing any potential savings. Fortunately, with a fuel card tied to the DAT One mobile app, you can get help finding discounted fuel right along your route, saving you both time and money.

Get added benefits with discounts and perks

Go beyond fuel discounts with added benefits that save you money and make your drive more comfortable.

With the best fuel credit card for truckers, you get more than just savings of 2¢ to 25¢ per gallon — you also get perks like free showers, free fuel points, and discounts on purchases at truck stops. Those fuel points can add up fast, letting you purchase everything from food to headsets to a truck GPS using just your points.

“WEX adds extra value because they tailored the program to give us varying start and stop times for fueling. They also allow us to assign the cards to employees and cut down on fraud. It’s a very good program for us.”

-Charles Cotton, Fleet and Logistics Director – Lucas Tree Experts

Start saving money with fuel cards for truckers today!

The biggest variable cost for most trucking companies is fuel. The good news is that you can save money and increase your bottom line with a fuel card that offers major discounts on fuel along with other great cost-saving benefits. Find the perfect card today with the DAT Fuel Card Referral Program!