Fuel Cards for Truckers with Bad Credit

Fuel Cards for Truckers with Bad Credit

The DAT One Fuel Card is the go-to fuel card for discounts on fuel and other perks with its pre-paid alternative.

Are you looking for fuel cards but can’t get approved for a line of credit? The DAT One Fuel Card is a pre-paid debit alternative that offers many advantages over credit options. If you’re hoping to apply for a fuel card with bad credit, or no credit, no worries: get your DAT One Fuel Card and find the cheapest fuel, plus added perks and benefits, today.

  • Find the best fuel cards for truckers with bad credit.
  • Bad credit? DAT One Fuel Cards prepaid option offers easy approval for all carriers.
  • Access cheap diesel and other cost saving perks through DAT’s industry leading fuel card with instant funding options

Find the best fuel cards for truckers with bad credit.

The DAT fuel card program offers the best solution for bad credit—and you'll save money on fuel.

If you’re looking for fuel credit programs for bad credit to access discounted diesel fuel, consider going with the prepaid debit DAT One Fuel Card. Fuel cards aren’t typically credit cards – they’re payment cards that load instantly from your bank with Zelle instant funding and help you find cheap fuel along your route.

Bad Credit? DAT One Fuel Cards offer easy prepaid approval for carriers.

If you’re hoping to apply for a fuel card with bad credit, the DAT One Fuel Card program has your back.

You don’t need good credit – or any credit – to benefit from the DAT Fuel Card program. Prepaid fuel cards are a standard in the industry and credit cards that offer fuel discounts for truckers are few and far between, even more so for those with bad credit. The DAT One Fuel Card offers quick approval with no credit checks, instant funding options like Zelle to your card from your bank account, and many other useful benefits to help grow your business – in addition to offering the best fuel discounts for carriers with bad or no credit.

Access cheap fuel and instant funding perks.

On top of offering great fuel cards for bad credit, DAT’s program offers instant funding with Zelle from your bank to your fuel card for the best discounts and savings.

The best fuel card for bad credit with instant approval can be found via the DAT One Fuel Card. This program, in addition to offering your business a prepaid fuel card option without any credit checks, connects you with the best discounts that help you save at the pump and on other necessities, like maintenance and tires. And the OTR Solutions mobile app makes it easy to find it all, right on your route.

Find the best fuel cards for bad credit today!

Shifting fuel costs can hurt small businesses. And if you have bad credit – or no credit – it can be tough to know where to turn. If you’re looking for a fuel card for bad credit, the DAT fuel card has your back with a credit check free pre-paid debit program. Save cash at the pump by signing up now.