Motor Carrier Authority

DAT helps you secure your motor carrier authority with ease.

Getting your motor carrier authority is a necessary first step in becoming a freight carrier. The experts at DAT are here to help you through the application process, so you can start your business as efficiently as possible.

  • Streamline your authority application.
  • Navigate your registration requirements.
  • Fill out your forms without setbacks.
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Streamline your authority application.

Make sure your trucking authority application goes as smoothly as possible.

Applying for motor carrier authority can be a complex process, full of numerous requirements at the federal and state levels. If you’re a carrier getting started with your trucking business, DAT can assist you with the necessary registration criteria, so you can fill out the right forms and complete your application quickly and efficiently.

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Navigate your registration requirements.

With DAT, carriers can complete the necessary registration requirements without the hassle.

To become registered to transport freight across state lines, you’ll need to understand and complete all federal and state requirements, but the paperwork can be enough to make your head spin. At DAT, our experts are here to help you tick all the boxes you need to start your business.

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Fill out your forms without setbacks.

When you work with DAT, we’ll help fill out all the necessary forms — with no hidden fees.

To start up your business as a freight carrier, you’ll need to submit a long list of forms. From BOC-3 agent contracts, to permit forms, to DOT registration, you’ll need to go through a lot of bureaucracy before you can get up and running. For a flat fee, DAT will handle the paperwork for you. 

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"Some say it's simple to get your authority, and that you should save your money and do it yourself. Other people, including myself, are not sure where to even begin. I used a service provided by DAT to get my authority. It was important to me that it was done right the first time, by people who have done this before."

- Chad Boblett - Boblett Brothers Trucking

"They took me by the hand an led me through all of the diffiult and confusing steps to ensure that I started off on the right food. I cannot say it any clearer than these folks know what it's all about."

- Gregg Knight, LTL Trucking

  • Motor carrier authority allows you to transport freight across state lines. Authority is a crucial first step for anyone wishing to start their business as a freight carrier, no matter what type of vehicle they drive. Applying for new motor carrier authority can be a complex process, full of bureaucracy and legal requirements. DAT is here to help you take the first steps, with complete authority packages to guide you through your application as smoothly as possible.

  • When you first apply for motor carrier authority, you will need to get your MC number from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The FMCSA regulates interstate freight transportation, and MC numbers help to ensure every carrier is registered to transport freight across state lines. Securing your MC number is the most important step toward becoming a carrier — and DAT is here to make sure you do it right.

  • If you want to operate as a carrier, you need to know how to apply for motor carrier authority. First, you will need to secure an MC number from the FMCSA. Then, you’ll need to submit federal and state registration forms, secure BOC-3 process agents, and complete your Unified Carrier Registration (UCR). More paperwork might be required for transportation through certain states.

    Instead of tracking down and filling out every application form on your own, DAT Authority offers expert assistance to make sure your application is complete and correct on the first try.


  • At the federal and state levels, a number of legal requirements exist to ensure you can transport freight reliably and safely. Aside from your motor carrier authority number, you will also need a USDOT number to ensure safety and reliability. In addition, you’ll need to designate BOC-3 agents to handle potential legal issues on the job. Our experts at DAT help you fulfill each legal requirement, so you can run a fully-certified trucking business. Plus, we’ll stick around to help answer any questions you might have during the application process.

  • Whether you’re getting your trucking authority for the first time, or you’re looking to reinstate motor carrier authority, you’ll need to invest upfront. The cost of getting your MC number varies depending on the state where you live. You also need to pay registration fees for transportation in certain states, plus fees for other requirements, like insurance and BOC-3 process agents. For a flat rate starting at $549, DAT Authority helps to minimize errors and keep you from paying unnecessary fees in your application.

  • Carriers can’t just purchase motor carrier authority for sale, but DAT Authority can help streamline the process. By helping you to secure your motor carrier authority as efficiently as possible, DAT is an investment into your trucking business that can last a
    . With DAT Authority, you can rest assured that you’ve completed all the requirements to become a registered carrier. Plus, you can continue to save money with one free month of DAT’s load boards, followed by a 10% discount for every month after.

Ready to take the first step?

When you work with DAT Authority, we won't just help you file your paperwork - you'll also gain a trusted advisor to help get your business on the right track, fast and easy. Run your business with confidence - choose a DAT Authority package that best fits your needs, or give us a call at 866-265-3172.

Authority: Basic

  • Includes all federal fees
  • MC / DOT number
  • BOC 3 process agents