Non-Recourse Factoring

Non-Recourse Factoring

Submit invoices quickly and get paid promptly while DAT partner OTR Solutions checks credit and secures funds from your customers.

As a carrier or owner-operator, you take on plenty of risks. You negotiate loads, haul heavy freight and ensure goods arrive at their final destination in great shape on time. Non-recourse factoring can help you avoid headaches, provide greater financial security compared to recourse factoring and fund your growing business.

  • Upload invoices and manage payments with the OTR Solutions app.
  • Hand risk over to a trusted non-recourse factoring company.
  • Get paid quickly for loads you’ve successfully delivered.

Upload invoices and manage payments with the OTR Solutions app.

Partner with a trusted non-recourse factoring company and unlock the power of technology to grow your bottom line.

Out of the best non-recourse factoring companies, OTR Solutions stands alone. That’s because of its mobile app, which allows you to grab pictures of your load paperwork and easily convert into professional invoices. You can then crop and filter the image if needed and upload it to OTR Solutions. Spot something that needs to be fixed after submitting an invoice? No problem. This non-recourse factoring app lets you add details, confirm rates or attach missing paperwork. Contact the operations team anytime for payment updates.

Hand risk over to a trusted non-recourse factoring company.

Get a non-recourse factoring business to track down all your customer payments so you don’t have to worry about it.

If you’re deciding between recourse and non-recourse factoring, it’s important to understand risk. In most cases, both types of services put nonpayment risk squarely on carriers. Not so with DAT partner OTR Solutions. They are No. 1 out of the best non-recourse factoring companies. After paying a small fee, they assume all the risk. Assign risk to a non-recourse factoring company you can trust.

Get paid quickly for loads you’ve successfully delivered.

Choose non-recourse factoring and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing funds in the bank are yours to keep.

Many carriers, including owner-operators, pursue recourse and non-recourse factoring because it closes that critical final mile. As much as you love trucking, you don’t work for free. The best non-recourse factoring companies pay you for loads and handle follow-up and paperwork to close out business with customers. Recourse factoring sometimes means funds in your account must leave your wallet if a customer hasn’t paid. Non-recourse factoring from OTR Solutions takes that possibility off the map.

"OTR Solutions is a wonderful company to work with. They go above and beyond to meet your needs. Everyone I have worked with has always been really nice and professional. I would recommend OTR Solutions to everyone looking for a great factoring company."

- Nicole Ives

"OTR Solutions is one of the best things that has happened for our company Sal-Trans Express, Inc. Their Customer service is of the best quality. Provide detailed explanations to all questions asked and truly always look out for their customers. Their personalized services have allowed our company to scale quickly and allowed us to make the necessary decisions for our company."

- Eduardo Salazar

Get paid and avoid risk with non-recourse factoring today!

Every day brings new adventures for carriers. Don’t add chasing down customer payments and paperwork to your already busy to-do list. Trust DAT partner OTR Solutions to handle those details while giving you peace of mind that you’ll get paid quickly. Sign up for OTR Solutions to get started today!

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