Supply Chain Planning

DAT iQ can help you reduce transportation costs through advanced supply chain planning.

Get access to the most accurate freight data for supply chain planning and analytics when you use DAT iQ. Customizable reports and models offer the insights your business needs to meet core goals and strategies. 

  • Leverage advanced data for different components of supply chain planning.
  • Generate forecasting models that minimize risk and help you plan ahead.
  • Access customizable reports and analysis to reduce  costs.

Leverage advanced data for different components of supply chain planning.

Get accurate market rate data for efficient distribution planning in your supply chain.

Get the information you need from supply chain planning software, using the large amount of data processed by DAT iQ. This includes more than $150 billion in annual freight transactions, with real-time analysis and rate data for over 68,000 lanes. You also get insights on all supply chain players, including 3PLs, brokers, and other logistics providers — not just carriers and shippers — to make the best decisions for your business.

Generate forecasting models that minimize risk and help you plan ahead.

Reduce uncertainty with the most accurate models available anywhere.

Elevate your supply chain planning capabilities with forecasting models from DAT iQ, based on a wide range of market transactions. We also incorporate mean absolute error into forecasts to determine the risk level of each prediction. Plus, you can access predictive models specifically tailored to your daily shipping lanes, with DAT Ratecast. While all forecasting comes with risks, Ratecast offers an unparalleled 95% accuracy in pricing models.

Access customizable reports and analysis to reduce transportation costs.

Gain a deeper understanding of market conditions with the help of clear visuals and analysis.

When it comes to supply chain planning, you want to access pricing information that is clear and up-to-date. That’s exactly what you get with DAT iQ. Drawing on information shared by our shipping partners around the world,  you get customizable data reporting that allows you to predict pricing at each step of the supply chain with maximum accuracy. Benchmark your rates with ease, track rate fluctuations over time and by precise geographic markers, and even forecast up to 52 weeks in advance.

"In our experience, DAT is the most accurate and complete source of spot and contract rate data available.”

- Don Everhart, VP Technology & Analytics for Knight-Swift Logistics

“By integrating DAT’s forecasting data and analytics tools with our expertise and customized pricing, we can deliver fast, reliable rates using the most comprehensive data and market analysis available.”

- Ryan Ilges, Worldwide Express Vice President of Truckload

Improve your supply chain planning today!

Supply chain planning becomes simple with DAT iQ on your side! DAT has been providing cutting-edge logistics services to the trucking industry since 1978. 

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