Supply Chain Transportation

DAT iQ provides detailed data reporting and analytics, so you can predict supply chain transportation costs with maximum accuracy.

To effectively grow your supply chain business, you need a detailed understanding of market rates. DAT iQ offers custom reporting with sophisticated data analytics, so you can reduce uncertainty with reliable support.

  • View customizable reports with comprehensive data.
  • Plan ahead with forecasting models that minimize risk.
  • Access real market data for supply chain pricing.

View customizable reports with comprehensive data.

Access detailed reports built by analyzing over $150 billion worth of invoices every year.
Customizable data reports allow you to predict pricing at each step of the supply chain with maximum accuracy. Traditional data reporting uses historical pricing from just your company, but DAT iQ offers a market-wide analysis of transactions from around the country. With custom details, you can view exactly the metrics that are relevant to your logistics company.

Plan ahead with forecasting models that minimize risk.

DAT iQ helps you reduce uncertainty with the most accurate models available.

Get forecasting models based on a wide range of market transactions, incorporating mean absolute error into your forecasting to determine the risk level of each prediction. You can access predictive models tailored to your daily shipping lanes, with DAT Ratecast. All forecasting comes with risks, but with Ratecast’s unprecedented 95% accuracy in pricing models, you can set your business up for success.

Access real market data for supply chain pricing.

DAT iQ incorporates data from every section of supply chain pricing, from 3PL receipts to shipping invoices.

We understand that not every shipping business deals with just carrier-shipper transactions. You can access a database complete with pricing info from shippers and carriers, plus logistics organizations like 3PLs, all with DAT iQ. Let DAT iQ allow you to analyze prices and forecasts at each step of the supply chain — all with true market data validated by real companies.

"In our experience, DAT is the most accurate and complete source of spot and contract rate data available.”

- Don Everhart, VP Technology & Analytics for Knight-Swift Logistics

“By integrating DAT’s forecasting data and analytics tools with our expertise and customized pricing, we can deliver fast, reliable rates using the most comprehensive data and market analysis available.”

- Ryan Ilges, Worldwide Express Vice President of Truckload

Predict accurate transportation rates with DAT iQ!

A smart business strategy starts with understanding the market. Using detailed market data, predict transportation rates anywhere in the supply chain. Now, you can forecast prices with confidence!

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