The Best Truck Route App

The Best Truck Route App

Finding your next truck route is fast and easy with the DAT One mobile app.
Experience the ultimate truck route app with DAT One mobile. Consolidating 15 essential tools into a single, user-friendly platform, DAT One mobile simplifies your life on the road like no other. From finding and booking loads to planning and optimizing trips, you can rely on DAT One mobile to provide the best truck route guidance. Enjoy the flexibility of getting paid within 24 hours, all while benefiting from the convenience of this powerful app.
  • Find new loads with DAT One.
  • Optimize each truck route from your mobile phone.
  • Get paid ASAP with invoice factoring through DAT One mobile.

Find new loads with DAT One.

Access the complete DAT load board from your smartphone with the DAT One mobile app.

Discover the power of DAT One mobile app, the ultimate app that goes beyond just a truck route solution. With DAT One mobile app, you gain access to not only advanced truck route optimization but also a robust load board platform. Seamlessly navigate through optimized truck routes and explore a vast selection of new loads, all in one comprehensive app. As the industry’s largest freight marketplace, the DAT load board offers over 1.4 million new load posts daily. Enjoy unlimited search and post capabilities with any subscription, free from hidden fees. Experience the combined benefits of a truck route app and a load board app in DAT One mobile app.

Optimize each truck route from your mobile phone.

Determine the most economical truck route every time with a truck route planner at your fingertips.
The DAT One mobile app is not only the best truck route app, but also a comprehensive solution for truckers. With 15 powerful tools packed into one app, DAT’s carrier packages offer a range of features. From accessing the industry-leading DAT load board to finding average rates per lane, market demand statistics, and precise truck route directions, it’s the ultimate tool for optimizing your trucking operations. Discover the most cost-effective truck routes, avoid restricted areas, and navigate seamlessly from pickup to delivery with the DAT One mobile app, the best truck route app available.

Get paid ASAP with invoice factoring through DAT One mobile.

Get paid faster with freight factoring from DAT partner OTR Solutions. Say goodbye to long payment delays and enjoy a steady cash flow for your business.

Discover the power of the DAT One mobile app beyond its truck route capabilities. Partnered with OTR Solutions, DAT offers reliable factoring services to establish a consistent pay schedule. Say goodbye to lengthy payment delays, as you can now get paid for your work in under 24 hours after submitting your invoice. Experience seamless invoice management and quick payments, all conveniently accessible through the DAT One mobile app.

"Very helpful for new drivers in the industry, tons of information."

- Kennard Kahn

Find your best truck route every time.

Maximize your efficiency on the road with the DAT One mobile app, your ultimate truck route companion. Access the comprehensive load board, plan your truck route, discover new load opportunities, and conveniently locate nearby fuel stations. Experience the power of a dedicated truck route app by downloading DAT One mobile today. Get on the road to increased productivity!