TMS Software

TMS Software

Manage your freight business from a central control system with DAT Broker TMS.

Instead of buying costly new freight management tools for each of your services, DAT’s trucking TMS software for brokers allows you to manage and grow your logistics business from a convenient, user-friendly platform.

  • Save money with finance and accounting features.
  • Grow your logistics business with DAT add-ons.
  • Manage your clients quickly and effectively.
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Save money with finance and accounting features.

Manage your finances and optimize profits with DAT’s TMS software solutions.

Optimizing your finances is crucial to ensuring the success of your shipping business. Without the right analytics to help boost profits, brokers and 3PLs often waste precious time and money by undercharging the market rate.

When you invest in DAT Broker TMS, you gain access to centralized financial management. With DAT, you can analyze carrier rates, employee profitability, operations costs, and more — all from a single-entry management system.

Grow your logistics business with DAT add-ons.

With DAT, you can change and expand your TMS software logistics to incorporate new features as your business grows.

At DAT, we offer a large suite of TMS management tools for brokers and 3PLs. However, we also understand that not every brokerage business will need to incorporate advanced management features. Therefore, DAT Broker TMS offers a flexible and expandable set of optional modules that you can add as your enterprise grows.

Manage your clients quickly and effectively.

Finding the right carriers — and keeping up communication — is key to successful freight management.

TMS software allows you to find new carriers, communicate with your existing clients, and pay invoices on time — all from one convenient dashboard. With intelligent rate tracking features, you can examine market rates in your area and across individual lanes to determine your next partners. Plus, you can manage carrier invoices and directly communicate with clients from your TMS dashboard.

"Any technology that streamlines the steps of the business transaction is beneficial to us, the carriers we use, and our customers."

- Bruce Parsons, President, United Transportation Services

"DAT Broker TMS helped us double our revenue with half the staff. It's worth its weight in gold."

- Sue Spero, President of Carrier Services of Tennessee

Learn How to Streamline Your Freight Brokerage
DAT Broker TMS has helped brokerages big and small start and scale their logistics businesses. Want to learn more about what sets DAT apart from other TMS systems? Schedule a demo today.

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