Transportation Procurement

Find the best prices and transportation procurement options with market analytics from DAT iQ.

Use advanced market analytics at each point in the supply chain with DAT iQ, so you can determine the best prices and carriers for a winning transportation procurement strategy.

  • Find the best carriers using real market data.
  • Optimize your budget with internal procurement analytics.
  • Prepare for the future with intelligent forecasting.

Find the best carriers using real market data.

DAT iQ uses real market data from over $150 billion in annual invoices for precise market insights.

Transportation procurement doesn’t just mean getting from point A to point B. As a shipping business, understand market prices at each step in the supply chain. DAT iQ uses real market data to set external benchmarks based on rates in your specific market. With a detailed understanding of your market, you can minimize transportation costs every time. 

Optimize your budget with internal procurement analytics.

Advanced analytics offer a cost-effective way to improve your budget over time.

With a complete understanding of relevant trends and your own business resources, you can design an effective budget for future transactions using DAT iQ’s internal metrics with historical transportation procurement analyses. Internal analytics also allow you to set realistic benchmarks for a strategic approach to transportation procurement.

Prepare for the future with intelligent forecasting.

Use a hybrid model of internal and external benchmarking for intelligent pricing and forecasting.

Don’t simply rely on your internal metrics or external market data! Use a hybrid model for transportation procurement planning with DAT iQ. When you combine internal performance analytics with market rates from real invoices, you have access to detailed and accurate rates. Intelligent forecasting enables you to create your best possible transportation budget with minimal guesswork. 

"In our experience, DAT is the most accurate and complete source of spot and contract rate data available.”

- Don Everhart, VP Technology & Analytics for Knight-Swift Logistics

“By integrating DAT’s forecasting data and analytics tools with our expertise and customized pricing, we can deliver fast, reliable rates using the most comprehensive data and market analysis available.”

- Ryan Ilges, Worldwide Express Vice President of Truckload

Know what’s best for your budget

Use a hybrid of market analytics and internal insights to determine the best shipping rates. For businesses big and small, DAT iQ forecasting helps you predict future pricing for a balanced budget. 

Take the uncertainty out of transportation procurement, and  partner with DAT iQ today!