Trucking Fuel Cards

Owner operators can use the DAT One mobile app to find discounted fuel and save money with fuel cards.

If you’re operating a truck, fuel cost is likely your highest variable cost, so it might seem like you’re constantly at the pump buying fuel. Luckily, DAT’s fuel card partners can help you save money, and the DAT One mobile app can help you quickly locate discounted fuel.

  • Save money with fuel discounts.
  • Find cheaper fuel while you’re on the go.
  • Save even more money with additional perks.

Save money with fuel discounts

Access discounted fuel rates and increase your business’s bottom line with the help of our fuel card partner.

Fuel costs add up quickly, and, unfortunately, they’re unavoidable. If you’re always paying full price for your fuel and are looking for ways to save, it’s time to look into trucking fuel cards. 

The DAT One Fuel Card, powered by OTR Solutions, has the best fuel discounts, with an average savings of $0.51 off the posted cash price per gallon. With these discounts, you could save up to $6,000 per year per truck.

Find cheaper fuel while you’re on the go

Use the OTR Solutions app to find discounted fuel no matter where you are.

When you use the DAT One fuel card, you’ll be able to find available fuel discounts at over 1,500 locations. The app makes finding discounted fuel that’s already on your route easy, so you won’t have to take a lengthy detour and waste valuable fuel and time. You can also find parking, rest stops, and nearby loads with the help of the DAT One mobile app.

Save even more money with additional perks

Take advantage of everything else that trucking fuel cards have to offer.

The benefits of trucking fuel cards don’t stop at fuel discounts. 

You can get a discounted factoring rate when you bundle the DAT One Fuel Card with factoring by OTR Solutions.

Cut fuel costs with the DAT One Fuel Card program

Use the DAT One Fuel Card to save on fuel, earn other benefits, increase your bottom line, better manage your expenses, and get ahead of the competition. Join the Fuel Card program today to get started!