Industry Trends
MAY 16 - MAY 22 VS. MAY 09 - MAY 15
APR 2022 VS. MAR 2022
APR 2022 VS. APR 2021
Spot Load Posts +24.3%-27.0%-20.8%
Spot Truck Posts -16.3%-2.8%+9.1%
Van Load-To-Truck +64.6%-25.2%-28.5%
Van Spot Rates +2.5%-7.5%+7.9%
Flatbed Load-To-Truck +23.4%-28.2%-32.6%
Flatbed Spot Rates +1.3%+0.4%+16.1%
Reefer Load-To-Truck +114.0%-25.0%-36.6%
Reefer Spot Rates +4.8%-7.5%+7.7%
Fuel Prices -0.2%+0.3%+63.6%

Fuel Prices

Percent Change: -0.7%

Fuel Price: $5.57 /gallon

Capacity tightens rapidly during International Roadcheck Week

National Spot Rates: Van, Flatbed, Reefer
Truck posts on the DAT Load Board dropped 16% more than double the average of the past five Roadchecks

May 16 – 22 – Dubbed “vacation week” by carriers looking to avoid the 72-hour Roadcheck safety blitz, last week saw truckload capacity tighten as carriers took time off, pushing up linehaul spot rates across the board. Produce season is off to its slowest start since 2017, and although truckload volumes are on the rise, they may not be enough to halt the longer-term drop in spot rates.

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Trendlines shows a weekly snapshot of the month-to-date for national average rates from DAT RateView. National average spot market rates for the past four months, including fuel surcharges, are shown in the three graphs, above.

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Trendlines last updated: 5/24/2022 12:00:00 AM
Next update: 5/30/2022 12:00:00 AM

About Trendlines

DAT Trendlines is a free weekly spot market freight report, providing an overview of national freight market trends. The average trucking rates are based on DAT iQ’s $110 billion database of actual freight payments. The report includes a weekly snapshot of the rolling month-to-date national average trucking rates for van, reefer and flatbed. National average rates in Trendlines are for lanes of 250 miles or more. Trendlines also includes national supply and demand metrics based on load and truck posts on the DAT One load board network by freight brokers, shippers and carriers. You can also explore historical monthly trucking industry trends and compare spot trucking freight rates to the contract rates that shippers pay directly to carriers by visiting the links below: Van Demand & Capacity  Van Spot Market Rates  Flatbed Demand & Capacity  Flatbed Spot Market Rates  Reefer Demand & Capacity  Reefer Spot Market Rates The national trends reported in DAT Trendlines are not necessarily reflective of trends that freight brokers, shippers and carriers may be seeing in individual trucking lanes or regions. To fully understand market and truckload pricing dynamics in your lanes, DAT provides a full suite of freight rate and market data available from DAT iQ or tools in DAT One load boards. To access the full history of DAT Trendlines reports, contact DAT’s Analytics Services team.