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Gary Lands heads up DAT's Fleet Compliance operations and has many years of experience keeping drivers running legal.

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Should I Use a GPS for Fuel Taxes?

Filing IFTA fuel taxes is all about keeping accurate records. Do you have all your fuel receipts? Do your drivers’ trip sheets cover every mile for all distance traveled? Do you know how many miles were driven in each state or province? And it’s not just about data collection: You also have to hang onto all those records for at least four years. Read More

Final Stage of MC Number Rule Suspended

The trucking industry has spent several months waiting to hear from the FMCSA about when the new Unified Registration System will go in effect. In January, the URS was suspended until further notice. Read More

5 New Regulations that Could Change Trucking

<p>New rules like the ELD mandate have the potential to force some small carriers out of business and raise freight rates when capacity tightens. There are several other proposed regulations that could also have major impacts on the trucking industry in 2017.</p> Read More

4 Ways the New Overtime Rule Hits Trucking Companies

Your payroll expenses might take a big hit this December. That’s when a new law will change how overtime pay works. If you have any back-office employees who are salaried, there’s a good chance the new law will affect your business. There are four major decisions you'll have to make in order to stay compliant. Read More

Flaw in Highway Bill Would Hurt Small Carriers

A new highway funding bill has passed both the House of Representatives and the Senate, but the House version has a major flaw that would pose huge problems for small carriers and owner-operators. The bill includes a new carrier hiring standard, but an oversight would disqualify 83% of carriers from getting hired. Read More

How to Get Your Operating Authority

<p>Thinking about starting your own business? There are a lot of upfront costs associated with getting your motor carrier authority, not to mention the maze of regulations. To help you decide whether or not to take the plunge, I’ve listed some of the hoops you’ll have to jump through to give you an idea of what it’ll cost to start your own trucking company.</p> Read More

Are You Making These Common IFTA Fuel Tax Mistakes?

As a carrier, you are navigating all the time, but when it comes to navigating your IFTA fuel tax liabilities, it can be easy to take a wrong turn. I’ve been helping fleets and owner operators fulfill their IFTA fuel tax reporting obligations for more than 35 years with DAT Fleet Compliance (formerly TransCore Fleet Compliance), which is ... Read More

Keeping Paperwork Organized in the Cab

It pays to get a receipt for every single business expense. But those little slips of paper are hard to track if your office is a truck cab. Try this simple tip to stay organized: Pick up one of those accordion-style expandable file folders from an office store. Ask your accountant* to help you create categories that make the most sense for filing your paperwork — one slot for meal receipts, for example, and another for… Read More

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