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Professional Services Creates Custom Solutions

In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to make smart business decisions based on accurate data. DAT Load Boards host more than 88 million load and truck posts each year, and DAT RateView™ provides benchmarking and forecasting tools based on $20 billion in actual freight bills. That treasure trove of information is integrated… Read More

No Fax Needed with E-Signatures

Electronic signatures have been accepted by the legal community for more than a decade, but many freight brokers are still spending a lot of time next to the fax machine, waiting for carriers’ signed documents to arrive. Now you can have the convenience of an electronically signed document along with the comfort of a handwritten, hard-copy signature.… Read More

DAT Trendlines Enhances Trucking Industry Info

DAT Trendlines has undergone a total makeover, adding color, maps and other enhancements that improve the visitor's experience.The DAT web site continues to provide trend… Read More

Search or Post 72 Trailer Types on DAT Load Boards

DAT Load Boards now feature a total of 72 trailer types that can be posted and searched on the DAT 3sixty and TruckersEdge products. The addition of 25 percent more trailer types enhances the level of detail that freight brokers, 3PLs and other load providers can post when describing their available cargo. Motor carriers use the expanded list to find freight that exactly… Read More

DAT RateView: New Tools Help Brokers to Expand Capacity

Whether you have a brokerage with a carrier division or you are providing freight to small, for-hire fleets, the new tools in DAT RateView can help you to improve your access to scarce capacity. RateView, formerly called DAT Truckload Rate Index, gives you current and historical rate data for every major lane and equipment type, plus backhaul guidance, including Trihaul… Read More