DAT RateView: New Tools Help Brokers to Expand Capacity

Whether you have a brokerage with a carrier division or you are providing freight to small, for-hire fleets, the new tools in DAT RateView can help you to improve your access to scarce capacity. RateView, formerly called DAT Truckload Rate Index, gives you current and historical rate data for every major lane and equipment type, plus backhaul guidance, including Trihaul (triangular) routing to maximize revenues on every round trip.

Trucks are pretty loose in many regions now, but as the weather improves, capacity always gets tighter. Brokers can earn the loyalty of small, for-hire fleets by helping them to design profitable round-trip routes, even when your freight takes them only one way. RateView now calculates the reverse move, or backhaul, and also displays the best options for the trucker to secure a pair of return loads, to create a more profitable, triangular route back to the point of origin.

This enables you to present your load in the context of its total earning power — not just the one-way rate, but the potential round-trip average and total revenue. This extra service is easy to provide when you have RateView, and it will help the trucker to make more money. Next time he needs a load, he may even call you before you have a chance to call him. Having more available capacity from high-quality, cooperative carriers will help you to satisfy your existing customers and build your book of business.

If you are a RateView subscriber, please try the new tools and give us your feedback. If you haven’t tried RateView yet, contact your account manager or call 1-800-551-8847 to schedule a demo.

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