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How to get your employer identification number

This is a guest post by Ariel Black of ExpressTruckTax the leading e-file 2290 solution for the trucking industry. True or false: Owner-operators can use their social security number if they don’t have an employer identification number. Answer: False As an owner-operator, you are… Read More

7 steps for filing Heavy Vehicle Use tax

This is a guest post by Ariel Black of ExpressTruckTax the leading e-file 2290 solution for the trucking industry. Tax season is here for truckers, specifically the Heavy Vehicle Use tax. The paperwork can be confusing, and the deadline is coming fast – Aug. 31. Here’s how you can file your… Read More

AUDIO: Fuel and Produce Shipments Affect Spot Rates

Our own Peggy Dorf appeared on Land Line Now to speak with Terry Scruton about the steep drop off in reefer rates and volumes in Florida, and how demand across the rest of the south is keeping spot market rates high. type="audio/mpeg"> Your… Read More

AUDIO: Freight Rates Spike in Florida

Listen below to Mark Montague, DAT Pricing Analyst, and Terry Scruton of Land Line Now discuss the latest freight trends, including the explosion in reefer rates out of Florida. type="audio/mpeg"> Your browser does not support the audio… Read More

AUDIO: Produce Season's Effect on the Spot Market

This week on Land Line Now, Peggy Dorf and Terry Scruton talk about refrigerated freight markets and the impact of produce season. type="audio/mpeg"> Your browser does not support the audio element. See the current market rates for every lane you search in DAT load… Read More

AUDIO: Which Freight Markets Are Getting Hot?

Is the spring shipping season about to kick off in earnest? DAT Pricing Analyst Mark Montague sat with Terry Scruton from Land Line Now to discuss seasonal trends and the signs that recent pricing trends on the spot market might soon reverse course. … Read More

A Living Will Alleviates Stress for Your Loved Ones

What would happen if you were in an accident—on or off the job—and were unable to tell the hospital your preferences for life support? Did you know that most states do not allow a spouse or loved one to make any decisions about life support unless there is a living will? A living will is an advanced directive, a written statement of a person's desires regarding medical treatment when that person is not able to give… Read More

My Worst Load Ever: Hauling Oregon Potato Chips to Texas

The worst load of my career started off as just another day in early October, 2013.October 1, searching for a load in Prineville, Oregon - I off-loaded in the afternoon. I was unable to find a reload that day. October 2, picking up in Hermiston, Oregon - I had to call on loads as far as 200 miles away, just to find something that would get me going. At the end… Read More

Free Food! You're Invited to a BBQ

DAT and Triumph Business Capital have teamed up for 10 years to help owner-operators and carriers find loads and get paid fast. On Wednesday, March 15, we’re teaming up for something a little different – we’re barbecuing.And you’re invited.To thank you for making… Read More

Was That Flatbed Hauling a UFO to Area 51?

I was searching online today for the latest news about flatbed cargo, and I found this headline:"Flying Saucer UFO Transported on Flatbed Truck to Area 51? Conspiracy Theory Frenzy… Read More