The real joy of trucking

One of the great joys of trucking is the joy our work brings to children. When we’re young, the image of a giant truck soaring by on the highway is a pure marvel – like you’re seeing a real-life Transformer. And if you’re the type of trucker who responds to passers-by pantomiming horn pulls with actual horn pulls? Well, you’re probably a celebrity in some kid’s eyes. 

We saw this online recently:

It’s a sign taped to the front door of a child care center, and it expresses just how much “sheer joy and excitement” the children get from passing trucks who honk their horns for them. “It is the talk of the yard all morning and all afternoon when you blow.”

As you go about your business this month, keep in mind that you’re a hero in a child’s eyes just by being who you are.

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