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Time-saving tricks for staying fresh and clean on the road

When I’m out on the road, I try to make hygiene and appearance a top priority. Living on the road is rough, but I like feeling comfortable with myself. I also want to appear professional, because I take my business seriously. Staying squared away requires time management, though, so a lot of the tricks I use focus on saving time. Unless you need a full 10 hours of sleep when doing your HOS reset, then this is the best… Read More

3 new tax rules could save you thousands

How big will your tax refund be this year? Thanks to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act — which applies to the 2018 tax year — most taxpayers will see a reduction in their total tax bill for 2018. There are 3 significant changes to the tax code that should let taxpayers keep more of their money this year, in most cases: Higher standard deduction Doubling of the Child Tax Credit Lower tax rates in most… Read More

Central Oregon Truck hauls Capitol Christmas Tree

Central Oregon Truck Company, based in Redmond, Oregon, was chosen to transport an 80-foot noble fir from Oregon's Willamette National Forest to the west lawn of the U.S. Capitol Building. The company's CEO, Rick Williams, will be one of the drivers."It is an honor to be selected to carry the 2018 U.S. Capitol Christmas tree and to represent the great state of Oregon… Read More

5 ways to avoid driver fatigue

Having trouble shaking off the cobwebs when starting your day? Trucking can take a toll on your physical, mental and emotional health, and a lot of truck drivers fight that sluggish feeling almost daily. There a variety of causes for driver fatigue, but you can put yourself in the best position to feel awake and alert by focusing on these 5 areas. DAT load boards provide the… Read More

4 lessons I learned on the road with my trucker husband

This story comes from our partners at KeepTruckin. When I married my husband Will in 2002, I thought we’d be an active duty military family for at least 20 years, but that didn’t happen. Life had other plans for us. After four years of being a navy wife, we moved our family back to my home state and settled back in as… Read More

4 ways truckers can get more time at home

When I first got started working with freight brokers in 2011, I was averaging more than 200 nights away from home each year. My primary strategy at that time was to go from one hot market to another hot market, chasing the highest-paying loads. At the beginning of 2015, the spot market demand for trucks slowed down and I needed to change how I use the load board. As a result, this year will be my fourth in a row where I’ve averaged… Read More

Life before load boards

Mark Boyer has spent his whole career in the trucking and logistics industry, with a front row seat for all kinds of new technologies, including many products from DAT. Last year, DAT celebrated its 40th year and we reminisced with Boyer, who serves as Vice President of Brokerage for Keller Logistics in Defiance, Ohio. Keller is an asset-based… Read More

7 tricks to stay healthy on the road

From our partners at A-1 Auto Transport Life behind the wheel of a big rig can be a great way to earn a nice living, take care of your family, and see the country. Unfortunately, the health risks of life on the road can sometimes be downright scary. Truck driving can take a toll, from a poor diet to a lack of exercise due to long… Read More