Trucker Charity Spotlight: Operation Roger

It’s no secret that long hauls are a breeding ground for loneliness and isolation. And when phone calls or conversations at truck stops aren’t enough to break through that loneliness, some truckers elect to add four legs to their 18 wheels. 

Operation Roger Trucker’s Pet Transport is a 501(c)(3) charity that matches pets in need of homes with truckers willing to deliver those pets to their new permanent residence. In addition to drivers, Operation Roger needs what it calls “layover homes” and “shuttle drivers.” Layover homes are individuals who could care for a pet en route to its destination. Ideally, the driver picks up a pet and delivers it. In other cases, a pet is passed from trucker to trucker until it reaches its destination. If that isn’t possible and there is a void, the layover home would care for the pet until the next driver can pick it up.

To register as a pet transporter or to make a donation, visit

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