Posted: 17 Jul, 2018 by Mark Montague

Shippers are asking, “How much longer will this challenging freight environment last?” The standard answer sounds like something out of Winnie-the-Pooh, as Eeyore says: “Days, weeks, months, years. Who knows?”  Moderating factors are already apparent in DAT data. First, ...

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Posted: 30 May, 2018 by Matt Sullivan

DAT Pricing Analyst Mark Montague appeared on Land Line Now to discuss the latest spot market trends. He explained the market conditions that led to higher rates before Memorial Day, and what we might expect heading into June.

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Posted: 18 May, 2018 by Peggy Dorf

Even though it's rarely even mentioned in a broker's rate confirmation, the fuel surcharge has a big impact on truckload freight rates.  Fuel surcharges were invented in the 1970s, when an oil embargo by Arab countries caused shortages and skyrocketing prices at the pump. "Skyrocketing" is a re...

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Posted: 14 May, 2018 by Mark Montague

While van and reefer prices have moderated in March and April after peaking in early January, flatbed prices and demand stayed red-hot. The national average flatbed rate hit its highest level since DAT began publishing spot market rates in 2010. Research and identify freight trends with DAT RateView...

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