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Van rates reach their summertime slump

The summer slowdown has arrived for spot market truckload freight. It’s typical for prices to drop around this time of year, as urgency slows after the Fourth of July. Declines in reefer freight and oil field activity are also adding a drag on van rates this summer. The lower demand for reefers has led to more trucks competing for dry van freight, while the… Read More

Reefer rates and volumes stay cool in summer heat

Reefer rates and volumes continued their summer slide. The load-to-truck ratio was down 16.8% last week, meaning there’s a lot of competition for refrigerated freight. The decline stings more since reefer trends have disappointed so far this year. Unpredictable weather has hurt produce harvests, and reefer markets have suffered as a result. That also creates a drag on van rates, with more reefer… Read More

Van rates fall after 4th of July

It's typical for rates to fall after the Fourth of July, and this year was no different. Now that the holiday has passed, there's less urgency for the freight that's moving. Read More

Reefer rates cool down following holiday

Rates were mostly down in the reefer markets in the second week of July. Unlike van freight however, reefer volumes were slow to resume. Read More

Van rates ride high through Independence Day

Independence Day fell on a Thursday this year, so there were many people who took Friday off as well. That meant any shipments needing to be delivered last week had a tighter window, and those shipments moved at a premium. Read More

Reefer freight hits its stride as summer produce arrives

After a slow start, reefer freight is finally hitting its stride. We've seen a uptick in both rates and freight volumes the past two weeks. The Midwest is leading the way, as summer produce is finally moving. Read More

Reefer volumes peak in pre-holiday push

The run-up to the 4th of July holiday brought increased demand for refrigerated truckload shipments, and reefer freight volumes hit their peak. Read More

Van rates hit highest mark since January

June freight volumes finished the month strong, and rates responded to close Q2. Over the past six weeks, van rates have climbed about 10% on the top 100 van lanes. Read More

Why are truckload spot rates lower than last year?

June freight volumes have been rising the past two weeks. In fact, load counts in the Top 100 van lanes are up 22% compared to June 2018. So why is the national average 41¢ per mile lower this year? Read More

Southeast is hot for flatbeds

While van prices have remained fairly stable in the past couple weeks, we've seen some huge swings in the flatbed market. Rates have surged in certain lanes and regions of the country, while rates have plummeting in other lanes and regions. In general, the winner has been the Southeast, while the Midwest has stalled. The… Read More